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I just got this email from a patient. My wife is suffering from PCO. We are trying for a baby for last 7 years.My wife's AMH is 6.95. We recently opted for IVF but it failed. Our doctor was happy with the stimulation. 12 eggs were retrieved and seven were fertilised..
Resident doctors occupy a unique place in the medical profession. On one hand, they are still students, who are learning the art of practising medicine . They have to keep their professors happy, and also master the content in their textbooks , in order to pass their e..
Here's the prescription - Have more sex ! Now, this might seem surprising. After all, sex is such a natural activity and everyone does it all the time , so how will having more sex improve your fertility ? The trouble is that sex for procreation is very different fro..
The epidemic of violence which has erupted against doctors all over the country has taken everyone by surprise. In the past, doctors used to be respected and trusted . Today, it seems to be open house on doctors , and anytime a patient suffers a complication, goons are..
I just got this email from a patient, and it made my blood boil. I have been reading your blogs in my 2ww. It was my first ivf cycle. Attaching the details. I had my beta hcg today which was less than 2. My gynae says in few cases repeat test can show positive results..


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