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A patient who had failed an IVF cycle at another clinic asked me for a second opinion by email. I requested her to send me photos of her embryos. When she asked her clinic for these, her IVF doctor said - We don't take photos because we do not expose embryos to a fla..
Have you ever felt emotional, but couldn’t pinpoint why? Labeling your emotions is an important first step in dealing with them. Research has shown that people who write about emotionally charged episodes experience a marked increase in their physical and mental ..
Patients who have failed multiple IVF cycles are extremely frustrated. They are their wit's ends, because everything they have tried has failed so far. They are desperate enough to try to clutch at straws. They are willing to explore many different options, including c..
I admire and respect my patients, because I learn so much from them I just got this post from G. She has a lot of courage to bare her soul like this, and discuss topics which are considered to be taboo. This is powerful stuff, because it's straight from the heart . ..
I'm a big believer in patient empowerment and feel that patients should do as much homework as possible, so they understand what their options are and can make well-informed decisions for themselves. Yes, this does involve a certain amount of effort, but it is possible..


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