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It's an open fact that many pharmaceutical companies spend a lot of money in bribing doctors to prescribe their particular brands. They have got a good return on their investment so far , because these gifts have been proven to influence the doctor's prescription behavi..
Whenever I counsel patients , I explain all their possible options to them. I also include their non-medical choices, and emphasize that adoption and child free living are perfectly acceptable alternatives, which they should not reject out of hand.I always discuss thes..
The heart of clinical medicine is the doctor-patient relationship. When we are ill, we want someone we can look up to - someone whom we can trust. We want a doctor who understands our problems - not just the medical disease we have, but someone who has insights into our..
A patient just sent me this emailNow in September, I underwent IVF with donor eggs (frozen). Out of 7 donor eggs that were thawed, we got 2 embryos and 1 blastocyst (all A grade 8 cell embryos) which were transferred on day 3 and day 5 respectively. My endometrial linin..


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