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Women with poor ovarian reserve who have regular cycles are extremely difficult to treat. Because they have regular cycles , they expect that they will have good quality eggs. This belief is reinforced when they do IVF and their eggs fertilise and the doctor gets embry..
This is the third year I will be talking at HITCON in Ahmedabad. I really enjoy these sessions, because the audience is enthusiastic and keen to learn. I think this is because the conference organisers charge doctors a fee to attend the sessions, which is why they tak..
Today, wherever something goes wrong in a private hospital, the doctor is blamed. He is called negligent , and is often beaten up. There's a lot of unnecessary violence, and doctors get a lot of bad press. This is why the image of the medical profession suffers. The agg..
The falling sex ratio in India has been a matter of concern, which is why the government of India passed the PCPNDT Act , with the hope that this would help to increase the number of girls . The intention was that the Act would stop people from resorting to sex sele..
There is no doubt that the municipal corporation teaching hospitals such as KEM, Nair and Sion are brilliant medical institutions. I've been trained at them , and the clinical training is excellent because there are so many patients who throng to these hospitals for..


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