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When judges retire, they are usually not put out to pasture. Some of them practice as lawyers, but many will be appointed by the government to head judicial committees or fact-findings bodies because they want to make good use of their lifetime of accumulated judicial ..
Doctors love doing stuff - whether it's ordering tests; interpreting scans; prescribing medicines; or performing surgery. This is what they have been trained to do , and they are happy to continue doing this. And it doesn't hurt that this is exactly what patients expec..
All of us know how to read, so what's the big deal about learning how to read a book ?Didn't we learn this in nursery ? You'll be surprised how many bad habits most of us have regarding reading. The world changes rapidly , and we need to keep up with new ad..
The PNDT Act was passed over twenty years ago with the intention of reducing female foeticide and improving the sex ratio at birth. It's high time we evaluated the effect of this law scientifically and critically. The hypothesis behind the PNDT Act was that it was the m..
After 7 year of infertility we came to Dr. Malpani with hope of having a baby we felt empty as we always wanted a family. We put our trust in him that somehow he would help us overcome this incredible battle. Dr. Malpani gave us inspiration, support and love along the ..


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