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Entrepreneurship has become fashionable and the startup space has become hot . It you're young and ambitious, you no longer just want to work for a large company - you would rather become the founder and CEO of your own company .All this is fine, but the question is, "..
A mammal reaches maturity from a biological perspective when the female of the species is capable of reproducing.The startup ecosystem in India has reached maturity as well using this metric, because we're seeing that people who have worked in the first generation o..
Every startup is an experiment and the reality is that most of them fail. This is because they're complex systems with multiple moving parts, all of which have to work properly to make sure that the company continues to grow. This can be extremely challenging for ..
When the traditional value investor looks at the financial statements of e-commerce companies such as Flipkart, Amazon, and Snapdeal, he's forced to rub his eyes in disbelief. Even though these companies are burning cash and losing money hand over fist, they keep on..
The general perception is that doctors are extremely hard working. Most patients both admire how busy doctors are and resent this as well - especially when they have to wait for hours to see them.Because they are so rushed, they don't have enough time to listen to..


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