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Hello Admin, I'm Pakistani Hacktivist,
From Team:: Pak Cyber Thunders
We Fucked Eveything here!

We Are Fear of Your Mind 3:)

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Pak Cyber Thunders
Stamped this System!

Hacked By Pak Monster


Stop Killing Muslim's in Burma -_-

Shame on Your Security!
Your Site Is Hacked Is Because of Your High Security!
Admin, Don't Worry! Your DataBase ia 100% Fucked... :v
PayBack of Hacking Pakistani Sites
Free Kashmir, Because Its Our!
My Family(Pak Cyber Thunders) :: | Pak Monster | Faizan Haxor | Sup3rson1x | Pak Devil | Devil Killer | Zero Cool|
My Masters::| Anonymous Spider| X HaxOr | Sajjad 1337 |
Remember we can see you! -_-
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