Bad reporting by IVF clinics when doing a semen analysis - how labs cheat patients

    Below is a great example of the bad reporting that many IVF clinics resort to, in order to increase their workload. This semen analysis report looks very official because it has been computer printed, and the man is told he has 0% standard forms. This is la...

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How to make sense of your semen analysis report

This new style of medical reporting is much more patient friendly, and helps patients to understand their test reports. It will help you interpret your semen analysis report for yourself ! This will save them needless anxiety, and conserve the doctor's time, because h...

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Before you see your IVF doctor

It's great see that medical labs are getting digitized, and patients carry their medical reports with them as soft copies on their phone , where they are easily accessible . However, whenever you go for a consultation with your doctor , please make it a point to p...

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Occult PCOD can cause miscarriages and IVF failure

As an IVF expert , it gives me great pleasure to be able to help infertile couples to have a baby. I am often asked to give a second opinion on failed IVF cycles, where patients have taken treatment at other IVF clinics , but the cycle has failed. On going through th...