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The known and the unknown in IVF

One of the reasons IVF outcomes are so unpredictable and uncertain is because it's a complex biological system, and there are lots of factors which determine success. It's useful to think of these in terms of known factors ; and unknown factors . For exa...

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How IVF patients can use Dr Google intelligently !

A lot of husbands get worried because their wives spend so much time on Google. After all, being infertile can be stressful and infertile women are hungry for information , which Dr. Google provides in abundance ! This is especially true when you're going...

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Why single embryo transfers are a better option

Many IVF patients want us to put as many embryos back as possible , because they want to get pregnant as quickly as possible, and they know that the more the embryos they transfer, the better their chances of conceiving.This is why some clinics will routinel...

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