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A common fashion these days in some IVF clinics is to do TESE-ICSI for men with severe oligoasthenospermia ( low sperm count). This is justified by saying that these men with " abnormal sperm" have high sperm DNA fragmentation, and this will result in poor fertilisati..
I am always impressed by how creative IVF clinics are - at cheating their patients ! The latest scam is "Biologically Active Peptide Concentrate or BAPC , to improve athin uterine lining! This is completely untested and unproven, but is being "sold" to patients as th..
I am a full time practising IVF specialist, which is why people sometimes wonder why I am investing in startups so actively. Why do I want to wear a new hat at this stage of my life ? There are many reasons why I am very glad I have gone down this path. I believe you..
Most IVF patients are extremely optimistic that their IVF cycle is going to work for them. If every patient didn't think in their heart of hearts that the cycle was going to be successful, no one would ever have the courage to start one. After all, a failed cycle c..
Male infertility is common, and is usually responsible for about 40% of all infertile cases. The commonest reason is the low sperm count, also known as oligospermia. What breaks my heart is the poor quality of treatment which these men get. Typically, they go to a gyn..