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Patients often criticize doctors for being unemotional and distant . Because we are taught to maintain a professional barrier , we may seem to be cold and uncaring, but the reality is that doctors have a heart too - we're human after all ! Ironically, sometimes it's th..
If you are not happy with your IVF doctor, it's very logical that the next step should be to get a second opinion. However, most patients are extremely reluctant to do this . For one, they have an existing relationship with their doctor , and they feel they will ..
Polycystic ovarian disease ( PCOD) is a common cause of infertility. Typically, most of these patients have irregular cycles because they don't ovulate regularly. Now, because they don't ovulate, they don't get pregnant , and they don't get regular periods either . Th..
This is one of the commonest questions patients who have failed an IVF cycle ask when they come to me for a second opinion. Is it worth doing another IVF cycle? What should I change ? Do I need to do anymore tests ? Should I expect to do three ? or four? How much s..
A patient just sent me his sperm test report, and he was feeling very guilty that he had not been able to get his wife pregnant, because his report was so abnormal ! This is a great example of a bad report, because the doctor is providing a clinical opinion base..