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A patient sent me this email Can you please check my semen analysis report and confirm that this is normal I checked it,and since it was normal, I replied, Good, this is a normal report ! Read more at http://www.drmalpani.com/knowledge-center/resources/book/chapte..
A patient sent me this email I had a query. I have conceived through IVF and ET was on Jan 6 th and my LMP was on Dec 20th.I got my ultrasound done on 16th Feb and in scan it showed the pregnancy is 5 weeks 6 days.If I calculate the growth of the baby from the date ..
Genetics plays an important part in reproductive medicine , and it's well known that the commonest reason for failed implantation is a genetic defect in the embryo . This is why it's very tempting to tell patients who have failed an IVF cycle to undergo genetic tests ..
Most patients are understandably wary about signing up for any surgical treatment options which a doctor offers, because they understand that these treatments can be expensive and can have side effects. This is why they take a long time before providing consent for..