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I just received this email from a young 31 year old woman. " I have an exciting job in a bank, and want to pursue by career. I am married, but want to postpone having a child for the next 3-4 years, as I am on a the fast track to cracking the glass ceiling. However, m..
Most of us trust our doctors, and are grateful to them when they help us to get better. However, we rarely get a chance to express our thanks. Please share your story about your favourite doctor at www.mydoctormyhero.com ! We are offering a prize of Rs 1000 for the ..
Infertility presents a number of unusual challenges for doctors. It is caused by a medical problem - for example, blocked fallopian tubes, or a low sperm out - and this means we can offer medical treatment for it, but the truth is that childlessness is a social label. T..
Today, our standard practice is to freeze all your embryos at a blastocyst ( Day 5) stage, and then transfer them after thawing them in the next cycle, one at a time. Here's why we think this is the best method for optimizing your chances of having a healthy baby. Let..
While the Times of India article about a celebrity carrying a twin pregnancy after egg freezing will help increase awareness about the option of social egg freezing as a method for preserving fertility in older women, I am very concerned about the misleading message ..