If your test results show up as abnormal during your infertility workup, there really is no reason to panic. In a way, it’s a good sign, the silver lining so to say.  Now, you have found the probable cause that can be remedied. There is bound to be a great deal of anxiety when you have to go to a doctor. When it comes to a consultation with an IVF specialist, the anxiety is even higher.

When your test results come back abnormal, you get mortified and you fell like the entire world is coming down on your head. You hope against hope that the lab may have mixed up your sample and then your mind vacillates to other thoughts and you start wondering whether this means you will never be able to have a baby. You wonder whether the problem is fixable and if it isn’t, whether your spouse will leave you because you can’t have a baby.

Don’t panic

The very first rule is not to panic. It’s important to keep in view that there is a solution for every problem, though it might not seem too conducive at first. Like I said before, you are better off now, because we now know what the problem is and that means, we can try to find a solution.  The other important thing to keep in view here is that not all abnormalities are clinically important. Just getting a whole bunch of tests done isn’t always necessary.

In fact, many of these tests tend to throw abnormal results which are nothing more than normal variants that have no clinical importance at all.  Even normal healthy fertile couples may have similar results and these so-called abnormalities such as small intramural fibroids,  small ovarian cysts or TB PCR on endometrial biopsy, don’t need  to be treated. However, many doctors will just start on some line of treatment the minute something like this shows up.

A negative impact

Patients are happy, because they feel that the doctor has identified the issue, one that their earlier doctor had missed. However, overtesting only leads to overtreatment and can only have a negative impact. The only thing that comes out of all this is that the patient ends up wasting a lot of time and money and then they lose confidence in their doctor as well as in themselves.

What is probably even worse is  that overtreatment can have a negative impact on your fertility. For instance, if you are unnecessarily treated for a small chocolate cyst, that can actually harm you; this is because along with the cyst wall being removed, some part of the ovarian tissue also gets removed, and this reduces your ovarian reserve.


Using common sense is important

Before jumping to any conclusions, the best plan of action is to repeat the test. In the meantime conduct some research and learn more about what that test is, what the variations can be and what they indicate.

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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