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Infertility treatment can be a long and tough journey for a woman. The traditional social concerns of being infertile overpower the modern intellectual mindset of treating it as a plain medical problem.

The ongoing array of investigations combined with a complex set of treatment options can confuse and upset even a stable individual. It is very common for most women to become anxious before a scheduled IVF treatment cycle.

Normal Feelings 

The patient needs to first accept and understand that the anxiety is not abnormal. The challenges of an IVF procedure and the uncertainty of its results will surely cause some degree of nervousness. It is better to accept this and try to find a solution to manage this. Some patients go into a stage of denial and fail to understand their mental status. This would not definitely help and may also lead to more trouble later.

The Outcome 

Another point of concern for the patient is the outcome of IVF treatment. It is essential that patients as well as relatives are completely aware of the procedure in detail, as well as the success rates. This will ensure that they do not have unrealistic expectations from the procedure.

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Be an Informed Patient 

IVF failure , or the fear of failure, may cause panic in an uninformed patient. You need to understand that an IVF cycle is not a guaranteed treatment method for infertility. Voicing your concerns to your doctor also helps in controlling the level of anxiety. It is obvious that you will have doubts regarding the procedure - please get them cleared. Remember that the only stupid question is the one you don't ask.

There are lots of online tools, such as our IVF comic book and our IVF learning course, which will help you empower yourself with information, so you can go through the treatment with a calm mindset.

No Simple Cure 

Unfortunately, there is no simple cure for this anxiety. You need to take control of your own emotions and not let them overpower you . Most patients agree that their anxiety is uncalled for, but they are unable to hold it down. Learning techniques such as pranayam and Vipassanna meditation can help you cope better.

You can also choose to let your IVF specialist worry about the technical minutiae of the IVF treatment. Your doctor can work with you to help you find a constructive solution for your particular worry. He is the best person to rely on, to handle all your IVF treatment related anxiety.

Need help in coping with your anxiety? Please send me your medical details by filling in the Second Opinion form at so that I can guide you better!

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Anxiety before an IVF cycle is common, but it is important is to handle it well using the right human and online resources.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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