When it comes to IVF treatment, finding the right doctor can be the difference between being successful in getting pregnant or not. IVF is a time-consuming treatment that is emotionally and financially heavy too. This makes it important that you zero-in on the best IVF specialist in India. It’s the one way to ensure you get optimal treatment at a state-of-the-art clinic.

So what exactly constitutes a good doctor?

The answer to this question is largely dependent on your idea of what a good doctor is and you need to invest a certain amount of energy and time researching and looking for the best IVF specialist in India.  It’s best to proceed in a methodical manner:

  • The first thing you do is prepare a list of IVF specialists. You can start by contacting them either via phone or email. When you try some “telephone shopping”, you will be able to assimilate a good amount of information about a doctor’s practice and this can include information such as his qualifications, clinic timings, his fees, special interests etc. It’s important to meet the best IVF specialist in India before you make your final decision, but calling his clinic first is a good place to begin.
  • Email is a great way of seeing how responsive the clinic is. Do they reply to your emails ? How quickly ? Are they happy to answer your questions ? How helpful are they ? Do they seem well organized ? Do they follow a process ?
  • It’s not difficult to find mediocre doctors flaunting swanky clinics; however, the actual setting in which the specialist functions, will tell you a lot about them. The aspects you should be taking into consideration are geographical accessibility, the actual building it’s located in and the amenities it has.
  • At the first visit, you’ll get a good sense of how helpful the staff is, and whether they enjoy working in the clinic. In a good clinic with a high pregnancy rate, staff morale is high. Happy staff members take better care of patients ! Are they proactive in providing information ? How do they treat other patients? The fact is that the caring, efficient and best IVF specialist in India will also hire efficient, friendly and competent staff.

Things You Should Focus On

Selecting the best IVF specialist in India can never be an easy job; however, you will have to find out information including:

  • His qualifications and training
  • How skilled and experienced he is
  • What his clinic timings are
  • The fees he charges
  • Professionalism
  • How well-prepared is he for your appointment?
  • Does he explain the test results and records?
  • Is he particular about keeping appointments?
  • Do you find the clinic to be efficiently managed?
  • Do you think you can sync with his personality and style?
  • Is he patient, empathetic and compassionate?

Making a Well-Informed Decision

These are just few of the things that you should be taking into account while choosing the best IVF specialist in India. In addition, a good IVF doctor will typically ensure that both you and your spouse are involved in the consultations. He should be able to put various options before you and help you make a well-informed decision about which course of action will be best suited to your situation. Once you have had your initial discussion with him, he should be able to provide you complete details of the alternatives and budget, based on your specific needs.

A Patient Ear

It’s important to understand that a busy doctor isn’t necessarily the best IVF specialist in India.  Your doctor may be highly sought-after; but does he take the time to listen to you, talk to you and provide advice, or does it seem like he’s just waiting to usher you out and move onto his next patient?

At the Malpani Infertility Clinic you are assured of the best treatment, the best levels of care, support and advice when you need it and an atmosphere that you will always feel comfortable in. Our staff is highly-trained and affable and this is what adds to the customer service experience at our boutique clinic. If you are looking for the best IVF specialist in India, you are at the right place.

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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