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All good things come with a price tag, and so does IVF treatment. A complete IVF cycle at our clinic costs only US $ 4000 - and this is all-inclusive of all medical procedures, including lab tests, scans, egg pickup and embryo transfer.

Understanding the cost break-up

  • The approximate total costs of all the medicines used for superovulation for one complete cycle is about US $ 1000 more. A complete cycle of IVF with ICSI also costs only US $ 4000 - we do not charge extra for ICSI.
  • If you have supernumerary embryos of high quality, we are happy to freeze them for you of you so desire. This costs US $ 1000 and includes storage for one year.
  • A complete cycle of donor egg IVF costs US $ 8500 only ( including payment for the egg donor). This includes all medications.

Embryo adoption costs US $ 5000 only. This includes all medications.


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