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It’s not uncommon anymore for IVF patients to use donor eggs in their treatment. The number of women willing to donate their eggs has increased and there is a proportionate rise in the number of women above 40 years of age, who want to have babies. Today, IVF clinics have experienced a rise in the number of patients opting for egg donor IVF.

There are many clinics that will have you believe that using an egg donor is far easier than using your own eggs for an IVF cycle; the fact is that the IVF egg donor procedure isn’t really a cakewalk. Its very important to match the cycle of the donor with the your cycle; and this makes it very important to find out whether the donor’s eggs are healthy enough to be used.

Egg screening- Why is it required?

In a cycle in which eggs are donated either by a friend/relative/anonymous donor, it’s crucial that a thorough evaluation & screening of each donor be auctioned. This screening is conducted to ensure that the eggs which are used in the treatment will actually be useful for the treatment. If the donor eggs are of a poor quality, the IVF treatment wouldn’t be successful.

The donor has to be made aware of how the procedure works and this will help her make an informed choice about the donation. In case she has any concerns or doubts, she should have the option to back out. The screening and evaluation procedure is for the benefit of the woman who is having the baby, the egg donor as well as the child that results from the donation.

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The Donor Prerequisites  

  • The donor should be below 35 years of age- this helps ensure fertile and healthy eggs  for the IVF cycle
  • Her ovarian reserves should also be normal and this should be evidenced by lab testing
  • She has to go through tests to establish there she doesn’t have any genetic or communicable diseases or impaired fertility
  • Her detailed family history should be taken and genetic screening should be done as well. This helps determine if  she has any diseases  that could be transmitted to the unborn child
  • Before the donor is given a clean chit for egg retrieval, its also important to carry out tests for diseases that might exist in the  racial or ethnic background
  • Once the physical testing has been done, its important that a psychological evaluation be done as well. Its important to check whether she knows what she is doing and that the egg donation is being done willingly and not under any kind of duress
  • Somecenters also retrieve many eggs from donors; they then split these eggs between different patients. This reduces the waiting period for couples as well as the cost of the procedure
  • Once it is confirmed that the donor is both mentally and physically healthy, she and the patient will be given medications that will sync their menstrual cycles.
  • The egg retrieval process follows this

What is the Cost of IVF with Donor Eggs ?


Before the egg donor procedure begins, it vital that donor be thoroughly tested & screened. It’s only after it has been ascertained that everything is fine, that you should begin with the process.

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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