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Using an egg donor for IVF treatments is not unheard of anymore. With the number of women willing to donate their eggs for IVF treatments on the rise and the number of women aged above 40 wanting to have babies rising, clinics are increasingly engaging in egg donor procedure for IVF.

Matching the Cycle

Though some clinics would have you believe that using an egg donor is immensely easier than using your own eggs for an IVF cycle, the truth is that the egg donor procedure for IVF is not all too simple either. In fact, matching the donor's cycle with your own is of critical importance and so it is to ascertain that the donor's eggs are healthy enough to be used.

Why is Screening of Eggs Necessary?

In any IVF cycle, where the eggs are donated – by a friend or a relative or by an anonymous donor, a thorough evaluation and screening of each donor is absolutely essential. The screening is performed to ensure that the eggs being used for the IVF treatment would in fact, be useful for the treatment. If the eggs in the donor were of poor quality too, the IVF treatment would fail.

The donor should also be made aware of all the egg donor procedure so that she can make an informed choice about the donation. She should be given the option to back out if she has any doubts or concerns. The evaluation and screening of the potential egg donor should ideally serve to protect all the parties – the recipient, the donor and the offspring resulting from the donation.

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Donor Prerequisites  

  • Ideally, the donor should be younger than 35 years, to ensure healthy and fertile eggs for the IVF cycle
  • She should also have normal ovarian reserves, as evidenced by laboratory testing
  • In addition to this, she should be subjected to tests to establish absence of impaired fertility or any communicable and genetic diseases. A genetic screening, along with a detailed family history should be able to determine the presence of any diseases which may be transmitted to the unborn child
  • Tests for some diseases that may be prevalent in the ethnic and racial background of the mother should also be performed before the donor is given a clean chit for egg retrieval
  • After the physical testing, a psychological evaluation of the woman should also be performed to ensure that she knows what she is doing and that she is donating her eggs willingly, and under no pressure
Some centers often retrieve several eggs from the donors and then split them between two or more recipients. This helps decrease both the cost and the waiting period for couples who want to use donor eggs for their IVF treatment.

Once it is esatblished that the donor is physically and mentally healthy, medicines are given to both the donor and the recipient to get their menstrual cycles in sync. Then the egg retrieval process will follow.

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Before an egg donor procedure begins, it is important for the donor to be thoroughly tested and screened. Only when everything seems fine, should you proceed with the donation.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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