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IVF treatments are difficult and almost always have a profound emotional and financial effect on the people involved. The financial burden of repeated treatments is often crippling and yet, for the couples, it is really the emotional toll that is most devastating.

IVF- What are the Chances of Success?

When the first IVF treatment cycle fails to bring them a baby, most couples would want to attempt a second cycle – especially if they are financially capable of doing it. Though IVF is considered the most successful fertility treatment, the truth is that even in the most capable of hands, the success rates of IVF treatments are about 50%. The success rates increase for women who repeat the cycle Still, there is no 100% guarantee that you will have a baby through IVF treatment.

Learning From a Failed IVF Cycle

It is often easy to blame failed treatments on statistics and sheer bad luck. However, truth be told, often it may be poor quality medical care which result in ppor quality embryos, as a result of which the embryos do not implant. So an IVF second opinion is very important, because there may be things that your IVF specialist either does not know, or is not telling you.

IVF - Reasons for Failure 

There are a lot of reasons for IVF failures , but we cannot always provide answers for all patients who fail IVF

  • Poor technical skill of the fertility specialist may often be the reason for failed embryo transfers
  • If the skills are inadequate, or if the fertility specialist is really no specialist, they would rather push your failed IVF as another statistic, instead of looking into the reason or admitting their mistake

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Understand the Reasons 

When you take an IVF second opinion, especially after a failed IVF cycle, your doctor will properly address these issues and will tell try to determine why your first cycle may have failed.


An IVF second opinion can be very valuable for those who have failed an IVF cycle. The opinion of a highly reputed fertility specialist may make all the difference between success and failure of the next IVF treatment.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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