Here are some emails from people who have used our Free Ask the Doctor service , and what they had to say about it !

Here are some emails from people who have used our Free Ask the Doctor service , and what they had to say about it !

  1. " Dr Malpani, You are wonderful. Cant you practice in the states, preferably Los Angeles!!??
  2. I initially was seen by Dr. P and Dr J , who have a very good reputation in the community in Los Angeles. However, they did not like to answer questions, they didn't have the time, and they liked to practice "their way", arrogance, not forming a collaboration with the pt. I ask a lot of questions, I like to understand my body, and the more knowledge I have, the more receptive I am. I finally made a decision to transfer my care, very recently, to Dr. M.
    Thank you for taking the time to write and provide pertinent and relevant information to help me in this process.

    I know I will conceive another healthy baby so my beautiful daughter will have a sibling.

  3. Dear Dr.Malpani,
  4. Thanks to your website and your prompt reply to my emails I found a good doctor here in Bangalore, we could make educated decisions on dealing with our fertility. You do a great service to couples like us by publishing reliable medical information on web.

    I am now 5 weeks pregnant and are expecting our first baby.

    Best wishes for the great service that you are doing.


  5. "Dr. Malpani, Thank you so much for your attention, time and consideration to my presented problem. It is so very nice of you to take your time to respond to those of us in need. I find it truly amazing that you give such individual attention all the way from India and yet my own OB/GYN doctors here in the USA can not seem to find the time to give much thought to one of their own colleagues! I will contact my physician regarding the clomiphene challenge test and an antral follicle count. I will get back to you with the results.
  6. With much thanks,
    Dr Eileen".

  7. " Dr. Malpani,
  8. I am sorry for the delay in sending you a letter of appreciation. With my work, my 3 year old, and trying to get pregnant, there was so little time. Your generosity with your time and expertise opinion inspired me and helped me to feel positive during this challenging time. I am of the opinion that you should have a training program, for OB residents who are interested in becoming RE's, so that you can teach them the humane side of all of this.

    I was fortunate enough to chose a doctor, finally, although quite junior in this field, who was accessible and willing to answer my questions and concerns.

    I am also fortunate that after 1 cycle of IVF,(with ICSI and assisted hatching) we were successful, and I am now 18 weeks pregnant, with 2 healthy girls, so far !

    If there is anything that I can do in return for all of the correspondence from you, please let me know. With gratitude,

  9. Dear Dr Malpani,
  10. I would like to inform you that I am 6 weeks pregnant. I never expected this so I am thrilled. When I first wrote to you, I did not expect a busy and well known doctor to reply to each mail that I sent. But you were kind enough to answer each query of mine and i want to really thank you for that. You gave me the confidence that I could conceive which I am sure must have helped me.A positive mind is essential to overcome our problems. After reading your mails I used to feel very positive and confident. I think the most important thing is for a doctor to give that confidence which helps the patient tremendously. I was not your patient yet you answered each query (at times repetitive) promptly which my own doctor did not do. I felt I could ask you all my doubts and knew you would answer them. Its very rare to find someone like that. I know you must have helped countless people unknowingly and it will come back to you. Thank you once again Regards
    Smita .

  11. I came across Dr. Malpani's website at a time when I had just become pregnant after having two miscarriages. I wasn't sure if I would have another miscarriage with this third one or not. I also didn't know if I would have to use artificial means in the future to get and stay pregnant. I remember asking Dr. Malpani a question or concern (which I had many of after having two miscarriages). He promptly replied to my email to my pleasant surprise and was able to reassure me when I had questions and needed a second opinion besides my doctor. I have since needed many questions and concerns answered from medicine I am taking to the safety of baby dopplers, and each time, Dr. Malpani has always been quick to respond within a day of me sending my email. I consider his advice very helpful and valid and he has been a lifesaver for me during this pregnancy in helping me not get stressed over worries. I don't know what I would do without having had the opportunity to email him and get the help and advice I needed. I am now 27 1/2 weeks and feeling much better about this pregnancy.
  12. Julie.

  13. "Dear Dr Malpani,
  14. I'm sorry I'm replying to your mail rather late but the reason is that by the time I received your mail, I had already paid for and started my 2nd ICSI cycle with my clinic here in New Delhi.

    I don't know why I am bothering you by telling u all this but somehow I found it extremely nice on your part, despite being such a busy professional as you are, to reply personally to each and every mail that u receive. Its commendable and I really appreciate you for that. In fact I wanted to compliment you and your wife for the way you are dealing with your profession. I have heard a lot about the caring attitude both of you possess with regards to your patients and have myself recommended so many of my friends to visit your website and have a look at the way u have explained every detail of what all is involved in this rollercoaster called IVF.

    As for my 2nd ICSI attempt...I had my ER on 18th Feb wherein they got 6 eggs...(don't ask me why such a low no..i have no clue and the RE never bothered to explain..infact contrary to my last time's antagonist protocol (where 8 eggs had been retrieved), this time i was on BCP (Ovral-L) for a month and then on Lupron, Gonal-F and Menopur before taking the HCG trigger on day 10 of stimms. They did a 3 day transfer (last time it was 2 day but this time 2nd day happened to be a sunday)...and when i went for the ET, i was told by the doc that the scene does not 'look good' coz although all 6 eggs had fertilised, the embryos were rather 'poor' in quality. There was no explanation beyond that and when i asked the embryologist. I was told that the quality was between grade 'B' and 'C'..so I should not be keeping any high hopes.

    They anyway went ahead and transferred 5 embryos on 21st Feb and I've been on bed rest since that day. The beta is on march 7th but somehow the look on the doctor's faces have made me more depressed than ever.

    Again not sure why I'm venting it all out before you but then being a patient, I feel totally clueless why this is happening with me when there has been no apparent problem and even my age is not that much (I shall be turning 30 next month). Anyway, I don't blame my doctor. I guess she did her best but I do feel that there is a lot less transparency here in the Delhi clinics when it comes to giving the exact info to the patients..so I can't even answer your question on why such less number of eggs...

    Am still keeping my fingers crossed for a miracle but if god forbid the result is negative, i am determined to come to Mumbai for my next cycle in the next couple of months (got to save money..have already spent over 2 lakhs and no insurance coverage for IVF totally sucks (sorry about the language..).

    Anyway, thanks a ton for at least listening me out patiently.....and my best wishes to you and your wife for the great work you are doing.


Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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