It’s never easy to find a surrogate. As a matter of fact, it’s a decision that can take more of a toll on couples that are still coming to terms with their infertility. If you are considering surrogacy, it’s important that you realize that there is no standard formula to go through this process. It’s a challenge that you as a couple has to be able to face together.

The good news is that credible fertility clinics help you with the process and take some of the stress and strain off your shoulders. However, there are some things you have to be able to manage on your own; the very first thing to do is to zero-in on a very good clinic. So, how exactly do you go about looking for a surrogate? These are the motions you would have to go through:

  • Find a good fertility clinic- Even though your objective is to find a surrogate, it’s crucial that you identify a good clinic first. Once you have found the surrogate, you would still have to do the IVF. That is required to transfer your embryos into the surrogate. It’s also why looking for a clinic you would like to go to for this treatment, should be your priority. Many fertility clinics help to arrange for the surrogate; in many ways this reduces your stress and it’s what you should look for.
  • Selecting a surrogate- The clinic you go to, will in most probability show you a few profiles of surrogates you can choose from and you can select one that you feel is right for you. You would need to first decide what kind of surrogacy you want- in most cases, couples opt for gestational surrogates- this type of surrogate will only carry your child but there will be no biological connect. However, in the event that the female partner’s eggs are of a low quality, donor egg surrogacy will have to be considered.

It’s important that you have all these things very clear in your head before you actually finally decide you want to opt for surrogacy, and it’s important that you discuss all these options with your doctor.

The other things you will have to think about is whether you want to use frozen embryos from a previous cycles or whether you want to do fresh round of IVF. You need to decide whether your eggs will be used or whether you will be asking a donor for them.

  • Legal issues – Once you have finished dealing with the manner in which you will find the surrogate, the next thing on the agenda are the legal issues. These can be quite complex and not everyone is able to handle these the way they should be. Luckily, your infertility clinic comes to the rescue here as well.

The right advice and support

They have been doing this for a very long time and know exactly how legal partners can be roped in. Ideally, these will be people who have experience with and the expertise to draft surrogacy agreements.

How to find a surrogate is an important question that couples grappling with the idea of surrogacy have to deal with. Finding a reliable IVF clinic which offers comprehensive services, eases the burden and patients are assured that they are getting the right advice and support.

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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