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We now offer free IVF treatment for selected patients. Infertile couples can now take advantage of free IVF treatment for themselves if they are:

  • Young ( less than 30 years old)
  • Live in or near Bombay
  • Are good ovarian responders
  • Are willing to donate their eggs to others 

How does this work?

If you qualify, we register you in our Free IVF Program. If infertile patients who need donor eggs (called recipient couples) select you , they will pay for two IVF treatment cycles for you. In the first cycle, all the eggs you grow will be donated to the recipient. In the second cycle, all your eggs will be used for you.

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This means that young infertile couples can now get get free IVF treatment for themselves by agreeing to donate their eggs to other infertile couples, who will pay for the entire treatment. This helps you to maximise your chances of getting pregnant; and also helps other infertile couples who need donor eggs.

Want more information about IVF? Read the chapter on IVF in our book, How to Have a Baby.


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