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There could be times when your doctor, after looking at all your tests results, tells you that you’re infertile? So, do you then just give up an keep aside your dream of having the family you always wanted? In most instances, couples commence their infertility treatment as they would any other – little do they realize that it can be extremely taxing and expensive. So, if your doctor tells you that you’re infertile, what exactly would you do?

The Objective View

You should get a second opinion from a specialist because:


  • A second opinion from an unbiased and reliable doctor can reassure you that there is hope. Remember that not all gynecologists are specialists at treating infertility
  • It can also simplify a lot of complex issues for you both emotionally and financially, putting them in a clear context
  • You will be able to plan your approach to infertility after understanding all your options better
  • Besides, when two different doctors give you the same advice, you are more confident you are on the right track.

A Free Second Opinion is Good News

Why a Second Opinion?

When people are diagnosed with life threatening diseases, they almost always look for a second opinion. It is unfortunate then that the same people would not look for a second opinion when they experience infertility.

Today, infertility is very common and it can be a source of immense pain to couples who are desirous of having their own child. Since  infertility treatments are very expensive, wouldn't getting a second opinion about your treatment options be a good idea ?

What Is a Second Opinion?

In medical terms,a second opinion is when you visit a doctor other than who you have been visiting as a patient, to confirm you are on the right track. When you are going for a second opinion, you already have some idea of what to expect, so you can't really be disappointed.

On the contrary, the second doctor may describe some facets of your case that your regular doctor may have overlooked or missed. The objective of getting an second opinion is to get a fresh perspective.

Is a Second Opinion Genuinely Independent?

A second opinion may not always be completely independent, especially if you are visiting a doctor of the same team, or the same clinic.

You may or may not share the findings of your initial consultation with your primary doctor – even though it is advised that you do. The doctor, who gives you a second opinion, may or may not treat you – depending on the decisions you make about your treatment.

Get a Free Second Opinion at Malpani Infertility Clinic


An second opinion from an infertility specialist helps reassure you that the diagnosis has been accurate and that the course of treatment your doctor is suggesting is actually necessary. This can give you considerable peace of mind.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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