Surrogacy treatment is an ideal option for couples that have viable sperm and eggs, but the woman is unable to conceive. In surrogacy, the couple’s embryo is transferred to the uterus of the surrogate who carries the baby to term.  Many clinics in India provide this service, but it’s important to beware of the unscrupulous ones. These clinics cheat infertile couples, by making fraudulent surrogacy arrangements.

The most common racket is to tell the infertile couple that the surrogate is pregnant- after which they collect the payment. Before long, they tell the patient that the surrogate miscarried. It’s not really difficult to fool infertile couples; many of them are desperate and are just clutching at straws. Take a look at how some IVF clinics that offer surrogacy treatment, function.

Clinics are very well aware that there is no legal method to allow the couple to take the baby born out of surrogacy, out of the country. This is because Indian law only recognizes the birth mother, and that is the name which has to go on the birth certificate – which is a legal document. Under the garb of “ICMR guidelines” (that isn’t at all legally valid), they add the infertile couple’s name on the child’s birth certificate. This is completely dangerous, unethical and illegal.

The cost factor

Though there can be numerous justifications for doing this, the fact is that the truth is being masked behind various facades. The minute you show no resistance in doing this, it’s not difficult to go even further with this distortion. This is exactly why these unscrupulous clinics don’t let the media get near these surrogates.

If things are so bad, why then do so many people come to India for surrogacy? The simple fact is that these couples are desperate and the cost of surrogacy in India is considerably cheaper than in many western countries, and this is why they are very willing to be part of this deception.

A matter of deception

Since most of these couples are in either in the UK or US, it isn’t difficult to deceive them, by first telling them that the surrogate is pregnant and then stating that she has miscarried. The couple doesn’t have any way to track these “miscarriages” and they are totally at the doctor’s mercy; sadly there are some doctors who take undue advantage of this trust.

The aspect to keep in view here is that if a doctor can be dishonest and willing to put a false name on the birth certificate (which amounts to lying to the government), what can stop him from also lying to the infertile couple? You need to think twice before placing your trust in him.

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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