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Infertility is a diagnosis made when a couple has been unable to conceive a child despite trying actively for a year or more. In couples above the age of 35 years, the diagnosis is made if there is failure to conceive after 6 months of actively trying.

Infertility Facts 

However, there are some facts about infertility that still remain largely unknown. Here are some of them.

  • Infertility is not limited to any specific gender. Studies have shown that infertility can be equally attributed to men and women. In the studied cases, infertility was due to women in 33% cases, men in 33% cases and in the rest of the 34% cases, infertility was due to unknown reasons.

  • Age can significantly decrease a woman's fertility. 33% of couples experience fertility problems after 35 years of age. If the woman is able to conceive after the age of 35, there is  an increased possibility of miscarrying.
  • Both the male and female partners have to undergo fertility tests

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