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The Infertility Issue

In modern times when infertility plagues a lot more couples than it once used to, things have changed a lot. Today, couples who are infertile can opt for IVF treatment.  In this treatment, healthy sperms and eggs  are fertilized in a petri dish and science is allowed to do its work. The resultant embryo is then placed inside the woman's womb, and if it implants, she gets pregnant. she becomes a mother.

Different Infertility Treatments 

Infertile women are used to trudging in and out of hospitals. They are used to subjecting themselves to prodding and poking. While women are much more aware of IVF today, because it is themost successful infertility treatment available , it is still considered to be highly impersonal. Considering how a child is conceived naturally, an IVF lab may seem a cruel joke to several couples. However, it is certainly the best bet for couples who have been unsuccessfully trying to have a baby.

IVF for pregnancy is expensive, and couples may need to do three to four cycles to achieve their goal. While the treatment can be expensive, a baby is priceless and well worth the effort and pain !

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The Success Rates 

For women in their child bearing years, IVF can successfully lead to a pregnancy about 50% of the times. As the woman gets older and the quality of her eggs decline, the battle becomes uphill and the odds decline. However, there are still techniques which can improve the chances of pregnancies. In the future too, there is hope that better medical science and improved technology will help increase the odds for the success of fertility treatments.

Couples who go through IVF treatment know that their journey is not the same as that of most other people. This is why, when they finally do get pregnant, they dote on their babies ! Over time, the struggle to have a baby becomes a happy memory.

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IVF is among the most successful fertility treatments. However, it can be challenging, so you need to prepare yourself for this journey.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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