Most IVF patients are understandably petrified about an IVF cycle , because of the high dose of hormonal injections which they need to take every day. Not only are they worried about the side effects, this also adds to their expense considerably !


This is why we've developed a kinder method of doing IVF , which requires a much lower dose of injections.


This is called natural cycle IVF or minimal stimulation IVF


This makes it much more affordable , and the side effects are less as well. Interestingly, even though the follicles are fewer, these are usually the best quality follicles , which means we get good quality eggs , and good quality embryos as well, which means pregnancy rates remain high.



This is an option which is well worth considering , especially if you have had a poor ovarian response in spite of taking a high dose of injections, or find that you can't afford to spend so much on the hormonal injections.


This is the minimal stimulation IVF treatment plan.


Flow ( the day the period starts) = Day 1 


Tab Letroz, 2.5 mg , 2 tab daily from Day 2 – Day 6


Inj Gonal-F, 75 IU, 2 amp sc daily from Day 7. 


Scans every alternate day from Day 7


From Day 7, the Letroz will stop; the Gonal-F will continue; and we will add Inj Cetrotide ( GnRh antagonist)


When the follicles are mature, we trigger with HCG and eggs retrieved after 36 hours. This is approximately Day 12 – 14.


Embryo transfer is performed 5 days later. 


After the transfer, luteal phase support is provided with daily Progynova ( estradiol valerate2 mg, 3 tab daily; and Uterogestan ( 400 mg), 2 vaginal suppositories daily.


You can travel back 3 days after the embryo transfer.


12 days after the transfer, you need to do a blood test for beta HCG to confirm a pregnancy.

Source : https://blog.drmalpani.com/2019/07/how-can-we-make-ivf-kinder.html
Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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