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The fact that a surrogate mother could be required for them to have a baby never enters any infertile couple's minds. It is only after a series of IVF treatments have failed, and the couple has spent a huge amount of money on them, that they finally realize they have no other option but to look for a surrogate.

Not an Easy Task 

Looking for a surrogate
to have their baby is not an easy thing to do either. Infertile couples are often faced with the nerve wracking task of finding a surrogate, dealing with all the legal issues involved and going through another series of IVF treatments and then finally a pregnancy. This journey can be harrowing for anyone who tries to go through it alone.

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So what is the alternative? How can looking for surrogate mother be made easier?

Medical science has advanced, and so has the entire service offering treatment for infertility. When it comes to dealing with couples grappling with surrogacy , IVF clinics are now much more sensitized and patient. A large number of clinics clinics offer surrogacy arrangements for couples.

So if you do not feel up to making all of the arrangements yourself, your fertility clinic in India will do all of it for you - right from helping you identify and choose a surrogate mother, to drafting the agreement and dealing with other legal issues, to doing the treatment and handing the baby back to you after birth.

Surrogacy -Around the World 

It is best to approach a clinic or an agency to assist you.These clinics and agencies act as facilitators in the process. The clinic or the agency makes all the necessary checks to ensure that your surrogate is physically and emotionally healthy, is reliable and also has a good, stress free home environment.


A clinic or a surrogacy agency can help you immensely when you are looking for a surrogate mother. Get in touch with one to find out how they can help you.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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