One of the major concerns which IVF patients have is that IVF is going to be painful . All of us associate doctors with pain , and while all doctors say they're not going to hurt you , they all end up inflicting pain.

This is especially true for infertile couples especially those who have had a HSG. They thought it would be a simple X-ray, and X-rays arent associated with pain. However, a HSG can be extremely painful , and patients are completely unprepared for this , because no one has bothered to tell them the truth.

They find it very hard to trust any doctor after this, and its hard to overcome this trust deficit.

Similarly, IVF patients who've take Gestone injections after the embryo transfer find these are extremely painful because these are oily . And because patients need to take them daily, they cant even sit down any more, because their buttocks are so sore.

We promise our patients that we are not unkind or cruel, and we've never given a single Gestone injection to any of our patients in the last 30 years. Yes, we do prescribe progesterone, but we do it in the form of vaginal pessaries, which is much kinder , and much more effective as well.

The only injections we use are water soluble , and patients can self-administer these themselves, which means they are easy to take and pain-free.

This is why we can confidently promise patients that they won't have any pain in our Clinic.

Source : https://blog.drmalpani.com/2020/12/painfree-ivf-why-ivf-at-malpani-ivf.html
Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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