When infertile couples start looking for reliable information, they find there isn’t enough of it. Sure, the Internet is choc-a-bloc with articles, blogs, videos etc, about infertility- but not all of it can be relied upon or verified either. This simply means that patients are more confused after reading all that information, than they were before they sourced it.

Every infertile patient knows exactly how difficult it is to make decisions about their treatment. It starts with which doctor they should consult, whether the clinic they choose is good, the kind of treatment they should opt for and a whole bunch of other things. There are just too many options and variables even before you can decide on doing IVF.

Decisions that have to be made

If you have failed a cycle, it becomes even more difficult to decide what the next course of action should be. Apart from the fact that the treatment itself is very complex, the issue itself is a highly emotionally charged one and it’s very difficult for patients to think logically. They wonder whether:

  • They should repeat the IVF cycle
  • Change the doctor
  • Consider using donor eggs
  • Opt for surrogacy
  • Give up the entire idea of IVF and just adopt a baby

Having so may options can make decision-making very difficult. This issue gets compounded when the wife and the husband don’t agree with each other and want different solutions as they think differently and their perception about the situation and the society they live in is different.

Take help from a counselor

If you are in this kind of a bind and don’t know what you can do next; the best option is to find a counselor who would walk you through all your options. This helps you reach the right decision. A good counselor never tells you what you should be doing. Instead, she will help you look within yourself and find the right answer. However, it’s not very easy to find skilled counselors and it’s important that you identify the right one.

There is another manner in which you can tackle this issue- just treat it like it’s a business problem. You will have to stand outside the situation and look at it from a third person’s perspective- presume that friend who is confused has come to you, seeking your advice and wants to know what to do next .

Don the hat of objectivity

This is how you would be able to stop using your heart and start using your head. The only way to sort the issue would be to tackle it in an objective and dispassionate manner. This approach will help you make a much faster decision. Very importantly, listen to your gut feeling – it rarely leads you astray.

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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