With patients from all over the world, many of them have agreed to serve us as "email infertility buddies" at our request. You can now find out what treatment at Malpani Infertility Clinic is like from a patient's point of view.

We treat patients from all over the world - and you can read their success stories here!

Many of them have kindly agreed to serve as
" email infertility buddies " at our request . Please email them if you want to talk about infertility and IVF treatment - they've all "been there and done that" ! You can also find out what treatment at Malpani Infertility Clinic is like from a patient's point of view.

Here's what one of our patients from the US had to say about their experience at Malpani Infertility Clinic.

" Our experience at the Malpani Fertility Clinic was very nice and we would recommend the clinic to anyone else from within India or abroad. It is a pioneering place in India and compares well with such facilities in the world as the medical care is old fashioned and never impersonal.

We chose the Malpani clinic because of various reasons and based on extensive research on part of both of us. The clinic being in India makes it more familiar to anyone of Indian origin, and being in Mumbai makes it easily accessible, especially its location being close to well known spots in Mumbai. We chose the clinic also for its reasonable cost compared to such clinics in the United States, and for the reputation that precedes it and which we learned via various searches on the web and through feedback like this one. What we didn't know was the that a team of two doctors, namely Dr Aniruddha Malpani and Dr Anjali Malpani would be available that made the whole experience very rewarding.

My wife feels very good now after she has been pregnant for 10+ weeks now. She misses the presence of Dr Anjali Malpani as she found her a very engaging person, in warmth, care and in her knowledge. We appreciated the time spent by Dr Aniruddha Malpani in all frank talks that he had with us to dispel any doubts as well as cleary define the procedure and all the steps and guide us towards realistic expectations at the very onset of the IVF process.

We would both recommend anyone to the Malpani Infertility Clinic for its warm atmosphere, two great doctors and an efficient and attentive staff (all the nurses, my wife especially preferring Sonia the most)."

Here are some more comments from some of our patients during their treatment.

"Service rendered by Nurse & Staff is excellent. All of them have been trained very well to offer service with smile. What appealed to me most is the affectionate nature and sympathetic outlook which is essential for infertile couple."

"The doctors and all the staff are very caring, the best part is about Dr. Anjali & Dr. Aniruddha, I'm so confident about their way of treatment that never give a second thought or hesitate to come here. Thanks to everybody around here for their loving & caring nature."

"At last we find an oasis in the desert. We are very much grateful to Dr. Aniruddha and Dr. Anjali. They have shown us a ray of light in the darkness. We are fully satisfied with their effective treatment. Now we have a new hope and confidence that we will definitely achieve our goal. Thanks to everyone who took part in our treatment. Nurse and other staff have done an excellent job. We appreciate their sympathetic and affectionate service.Malpani Infertility Clinic is a divine park to the Infertile couple. We pray God for their every success."


"It is the positive approach of Dr. Aniruddha & Dr. Anjali which has kept on pulling us here till now... building or rather rejuvenating hope everytime... giving us a mission to cherish and achieve. Full marks to all the caring people here."

"We feel MALPANI is

  • M: Mother - Caring of patient is just as a mother
  • A: Affection - Towards a patient from your side as well as nursing staff side are great.
  • L: Love - We get here a lot of
  • P: Performance - We are gratified with your performance.
  • A: Attitude - Towards infertile couple is sympathetic which is essential.
  • N: Network -Your network is best like (Email / Internet medicine from out side of India etc)
  • I: Intelligent- You and your staff are intelligent .

Once again we thank you and your staff. Best wishes for future."

"We lost all the hopes in life for having a baby and almost used to lead a "child free life" You came as a saviour and a real - high tech Medical Team to us after 20yrs of our married life . Better late than never! Thanks to god! Thanks to both of you! Your high skill, knowledge, confidence and friendly attitude will definitely change as a Turning point of our future life.

Whether I will be successful in this process that no-body can predict. I know I am ready to accept any result. But at least I am now very clear about my infertility problem & passed through the best possible Medical Treatment available in India.

Hats off to you! Wish you all the success in future I wish your fame should spread all over the world. I definitely spread in my home town at Calcutta and my husband will spread at Nairobi (Kenya)." "We have come from Orissa being introduced by Mrs. & Mr. S who have been blessed with a daughter after taking treatment here. After seven years of their marriage, they have been blessed with a baby after successful laparoscopy by Dr. Malpani.

We are very much satisfied with the behaviour & hospitality of the staffs working here and as well as doctors."

"Dr. Anirudh & Dr. Anjali, both are very co-operative. They explain to the patients very well and answer to the queries appropriately.

Nurses in this clinic take best possible care of the patients and are always smiling. Overall the atmosphere in this clinic is very pleasant."


"We wish you a very happy & healthy long life so that many people like me will be benefitted. Both of you & your smile help us in this difficult phase of life. Keep smiling forever! To the staff of Malpani Infertility Clinic. Thanks a lot for your ever smiling & helping service. Your success will be my joy!"

"The first time when we talked to you, we felt that finally we came to the right door. We are very grateful to you for all the favours you did to us. In today professional world, we felt that you are not one of them. And this feeling itself gives us a lot of confidence. Whether we get a success or not, we will at least have a satisfaction that we approached a doctor who have sincerely done what he can do for us."

"It is all & only praises for both of you Doctors - Mr. & Mrs. Malpani the very service to mankind & me/us. No superlatives need be added to this- that both of you have given a priceless Gift of life - A child in our family & life has/will begin only because of you. Come to your hospital - Rather, I feel come to another home, a home away from my home - where Doctors & your entire staff is just like 'All in a family'."

"We will remember this place for one thing we knew doctors speak the language of God, we experienced it. Not very scientific but this is the best way for us to explain it. We appreciate their efforts put in and especially the special ambiance created to treat the doctor, patient relationship in to a co-ordinated team effort. You have the website, excellent library , excellent staff and above all a cheerful and breezy ambience."

"In our first visit we both were worried & tensed for the cause of not getting pregnant. But today after doing laparoscopy , half my tension is gone and we are hoping to get pregnant very soon under your treatment. We hope "The best place to have a baby" will come true very soon for us."


"It's nothing but hat's off to the two of you for all the services available here, both medical and hospitality. The staff here are very kind and gentle and really make you feel at home- you just don't feel as though you are in a hospital."

"A unique family of doctors - Dr. & Dr (Mrs) Malpani , who treat the patients in a systematic way by educating them in a proper direction."

"In treating the patients, you doctors not only provide the best medical treatment, but also provide advice & guidance to couples, in the process educating them about the issues relating to infertility. We have strongly benefitted from this education not only in the last 3 weeks, but in the last 2 years, both thru direct consultancy & indirectly via e-mail, books & the internet.

Infertility is a subject which couples most often find it very difficult to discuss with family or friends. We firmly believe that you fill this void by discussing our infertility problems in a manner a friend or a relative would under normal circumstances.

We were very happy to note that an infertility clinic offering such broad spectrum of services is operating in India. In fact the knowledge about the clinic's existence was a God sent message to us.

Since many have made tremendous progress in the field of infertility, but it is the professional, friendly & comforting manner in which their benefits of this progress are delivered, is what is & will make your clinic stand apart. We would like to personally thank all the members of your staff for their care & comfort."

"In one meeting with Dr Malpani, we have gained confidence. Thanks Dr. Anjali & Dr. Aniruddha for being so informative and transparent in the treatment, also for the personal attention and care. Superb service with smile by the nurses, give the much needed comfort for such patients. The clinic is so clean and hygiene reminds me of the proverb "Cleanliness is Godliness"."

"The present is a world of science. The science have made lot of progress in the every walk of life. With the rapid strides in medical and biological breakthrough the human life have changed totally. But to bring the fruits of science and scientific research closer to human life some pioneering work is required. For the last developed or rather developing country like India this become all more difficult.

Drs. Malpanis is a couple who have dedicated their lives for bringing the fruits of science to the very needy aspiring and expectant Indians. They are rendering their dedicated and unrelenting services to the Indians by bringing the joy of life for them. Perhaps the hard work and dedications have brought in them the other virtues of life also. They are so simple, put forward their advice in so unambiguous works and always remain co-operative education and the most important they are so encouraging yet realistic."

"It was a pleasure to meet Dr. Anirudha & Dr. Anjali Malpani who are excellent doctors and even better human beings who have dedicated their lives to bring joy to the lives of so many couples with such a pleasant & friendly disposition . They make you feel very comfortable and help you to think positively and practically. The staff at the Malpani clinic is simply wonderful they are ready to serve you with a smile always. I wish them all every success in their future ."

"Three cheers for Malpani & Team. Till I stepped into the first step of your hospital. I believed man does not make his destiny. But I was totally wrong. With a good team work from Malpani & Co; I have arrived at the conclusion that man is the sole-maker of his destiny with a strong will of course God is the guide in all our steps. Well, I am going back with full of hope that the confidence I gained is not going to die out."

"The ever smiling, ever helping and ever enthusiastic members at a clinic is a very rare sight in our city. But we find these qualities instilled in all the staff at the Malpani Infertility Clinic. I have a very special point to make about the husband - wife team needless to say that they are the best doctors in the field of infertility but at the same time they take extra care to empathize and explain the couples and look after their emotional needs. I and my wife M can remember the days when we have cried in front of Aniruddha and Anjali who have always supported us during such periods. Hats off to them!"

"This is the best place to have a baby. The excellent doctors have changed our life by giving us a beautiful child. Today we have a reason to laugh & celebrate. We have come to take the treatment of second child. We have full confidence in the doctors. We feel so comfortable with the sisters around & very safe in this clean & hygienic place."

"We came all the way from Uganda East Africa and feel that we could not have found a better place than this, where we get treated by a kind and affectionate doctor couple. We have met many doctors before - some big names and other professionals in their own right. When we met Dr. A.N. Malpani, both of us developed instant/ immediate bond towards him. We bought the book "Getting Pregnant" written by him & Dr. Anjali Malpani. This book helped us to get knowledge and also to our parents in changing their attitude. We were earlier in touch with Dr. through emails from Uganda. He responded all our queries by emails. His response was always quick, comprehensive and above all reassuring. Dr Malpani loves to share knowledge and not just parting with half information."

"We thank you for the treatment and care given to us. After meeting other infertility specialists in Delhi and Bombay, we feel this is the only place where proper treatment, care and time could be given to us. It was our complete faith and trust in both the doctors that made us come to them again."

"We are very grateful to you for the treatment you have offered us. I am very much happy that I am having my treatment in this clinic. The doctors are very kind & calm and always give goods advice to the couples and the staff of this clinic. The staff of this clinic are always ready to help us and I am 100% confident that I will have my baby under the treatment of Dr. Aniruddha & Dr. Anjali."

"I thank GOD very much, for I'm getting treatment from you. I had lost hopes of getting pregnant, but I think now, I'll succeed in this. The way the treatment you give, the educating the people about their problem is very correct."

"We admire & appreciate the following special factors"

  • True professional approach
  • Personal attention to the case throughout the treatment
  • Precise diagnosis, treatment & advice.
  • Easiest explanations to the patients queries and according to the understanding of each couple..
  • Prompt & instant response.
  • Human touch with the patients.
  • Free & frank discussion of the problem and about the subsequent treatment.
  • Sharing of information and demonstration of various steps whenever possible."

One thing that is very striking and remarkable at the Malpani Infertility centre is the ambience. The doctors and the staff are like a huge family and the patients are temporarily a part of the family while they are here. The confidence of the doctors and the patient responses to all our varied queries gives us a lot of hope and courage. I am very much grateful to Dr. Bipin Seth of Hyderabad who is a family friend who recommended that we should go to visit Dr. Malpani. The book "Getting Pregnant" has given a lot of information and is a must for infertile couples. The use of latest equipment, extensive library and response e-mail are very useful.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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