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When the first IVF cycle treatment fails, you and your physician will probably be under a lot of pressure. Most of you might even consider changing the doctor or the clinic immediately, because they did not help you conceive. However, this may not always be the best solution or the right one, while considering the best procedure of second IVF. Of course, if you have some problems with the medical treatment or care given to you at a clinic, you can make a change. However, it is generally better to consider all the related factors and analyze the problem with your doctor before making a change. Once the review is done, your doctor can tailor the treatment based on the observations found in the first failed attempt. It is also likely that you and your partner will be more relaxed and in control, while going through the procedure for the second time, as you are better prepared to face the consequences.

The normal procedure of IVF is similar to the procedure of second IVF. The first IVF attempt consists of boosting the egg supply in the female and keeping a check on the progress. The eggs will be collected and fertilized with your husband’s sperm. They are then checked out after about 20 hours in order to see whether the eggs have been fertilized. In case of weak sperms or very few sperms, the eggs may be individually injected with a sperm. When the eggs are fertilized and form embryos, they are kept in the lab for a few days and then transferred into your womb, wherein the best embryos will be selected for transfer. You will also have to take some medicines to prepare the womb lining, before receiving the embryo.

While considering the procedure of second IVF, there is a difference in this stage. The number of embryos that will be placed in your uterus will usually be discussed before the treatment begins. In case of women, who are below the age of 37 years, and if it is the first IVF cycle for them, only one single top quality embryo is transferred. Even in case of a second IVF, it is normal to transfer one healthy embryo, if a good quality embryo is available. However, doctors can also consider transferring two embryos if a single best quality embryo is not available.

We will personalize your IVF treatment protocol, based on the information we get from your first IVF cycle. You can read more about this at /knowledge-center/articles/negative-beta-hcg-ivf


The procedure for a second IVF cycle is similar to the first one, but changes can be incorporated based on the review and analysis of the first cycle, to improve chances of success in the second attempt.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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