You need to decide what your goal is !
Is it to transmit your DNA ? Or to experience a pregnancy ? Or to nurture a baby ?
For fertile couples, all this comes as a single package, but when you have poor eqq quality, you may be faced with having to make some difficult choices.
At this time, it's important to listen to your heart and follow your gut - there are no right or wrong answers - and only you know what will work for you !
The good news is that because we use frozen eggs from our egg bank, it's possible for us to closely match physical traits ( height, complexion, colour of eyes, blood group and so on) !

On Children
 Kahlil Gibran
Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of Life's longing for itself.
They come through you but not from you,
And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.
You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
For they have their own thoughts.
You may house their bodies but not their souls,
For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
You may strive to be like them,
but seek not to make them like you.
For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.
You are the bows from which your children
as living arrows are sent forth.
The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
and He bends you with His might
that His arrows may go swift and far.
Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness;
For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
so He loves also the bow that is stable.
Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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