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Surrogacy clinics in India offer state of the art IVF and surrogacy technologies with advanced facilities. These clinics are very popular with couples from all over the world looking for a surrogate host for their children. The surrogate mother is thoroughly screened by the clinics before your embryo is implanted in her womb. The entire process is completely legal and an official notarized legal contract is drawn up and signed by the surrogate mother, her husband and the intended parents.

The surrogacy program, in surrogacy clinics in India, begins by giving estrogen tablets to the surrogate host and preparing the uterus lining. The mature eggs are taken from the female partner of the commissioning couple and the semen sample is collected from the genetic father or the male partner of the couple. The embryo formed is placed in the uterus of the surrogate host and a pregnancy test is conducted in order to confirm pregnancy.

The genetic parents (known as the commissioning couple or the intended parents) must be present in the surrogacy clinics in India during the initial stage; and also during the delivery stage of the baby. After the transfer of the embryo into the womb of the surrogate host has taken place, the surrogate is under the charge of the clinic and professional obstetricians will look after her, throughout the term of nine months. The Surrogacy clinics in India also provide the genetic parents regular updates regarding the progress of the surrogate mother through email. The baby is delivered in a hospital at the end of the term and it is handed over to its genetic parents as soon as it is born. The entire process is customized for each couple, instead of adopting one-size fits all approach, which has ensured a very good success rate.

You will also get a birth certificate from the Indian Government. Couples should also be aware of the laws prevailing in their respective countries, as this will speed up any formalities that are required for carrying the baby to their country. Good Surrogacy clinics in India use professional legal services for expediting such formalities and paperwork. Clinics, such as, have offered hope to many childless couples all over the world.


Surrogacy clinics in India offer hope to thousands of couples that are not able to have a child on their own. Clinics offer support throughout the delivery period with regular updates to the genetic parents.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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