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When it comes to fertility treatments and surrogacy, the world is looking towards India for help. Indian doctors, with their advanced education, experience and expertise, are among the best in the world for fertility treatments. Couple this with state of the art medical infrastructure available in most fertility clinics, and you have yourself a win-win.

India Shining 

India has been making a name for itself in the area of fertility treatments and medical care. However, another area where the country has left everyone behind is in surrogacy. A surrogate mother in India is like the ray of light for many people. Couples, who have not been able to have babies, despite all their efforts and a slew of fertility treatments are now traveling to India to select a surrogate mother who may bear their child. This would perhaps finally make their parenthood dreams come true.

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Why India?

Take a look at why are people choosing India to be their surrogacy destination:


No one can put a price on achieving parenthood; however, infertility does not only seek out the rich. A lot of couples find themselves financially strained after a few rounds of IVF. Though they may not completely give up on their dreams of parenthood, they would still like further treatments to be financially viable.

India offers the cheapest surrogacy services in the world. For the high quality medical care offered, the prices are surprisingly low. When couples coming from the west convert their currencies to Indian Rupees, the cost becomes very reasonable for them

Easy Availability 

Another thing that draws couples to India is the easy availability of young, healthy women, who are willing to carry a pregnancy for them to term.  Your clinic can arrange a meeting with your surrogate if you want . Or, if you like, you can completely forego the meeting process and let the clinic select the best surrogate for you.

Favorable Legal Environment

It might be easier for couples to choose a surrogate closer home. However, in most countries, the legal framework around surrogacy is extremely complicated. This means that even if you do want to hire a surrogate in your own country, chances are that your legal system would not allow you to do it.

Couples often want to save themselves the tedious legal hassles, which are not only time consuming, but also extremely complicated. So, they look for their surrogate mother in India, where the law supports surrogacy and surrogate treatment is easier to arrange. Besides, the clinic takes care of drafting legal arrangements and contracts, so you can be as minimally involved, as you desire.

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A surrogate mother in India is usually preferable over surrogates in other countries because of their easy availability, low costs of the entire surrogacy procedure and a favorable legal environment.

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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