It’s important for infertile couples to keep in mind that every IVF cycle isn’t going to result in a baby. So, what is that determines success? Is it choice, chance or destiny? IVF treatment has been in existence for more than three decades and across the world, there are in excess of 2 million babies been born out of IVF. This is a safe, effective and very popular treatment option.

The actual IVF treatment is quite well-defined, but there is uncertainty surrounding the outcome of an IVF cycle- in fact, that’s how it is in the case of most complicated biological systems. We are very adept at making embryos in the IVF lab and we also have the expertise and skill to transfer them into the uterus, but that is where the stop sign is raised and nature takes over. We don’t have any control over whether these embryos will transplant or not.

The right combination

Even in this day and age, it’s not uncommon for infertile couples to consult an astrologer about what would be the right time to embark upon their IVF treatment. While most doctors scoff at this kind of unscientific approach and call it irrational, I just feel that it truly helps the patients. They are more  confident as they feel they now have the right mix  of science and religion- this belief is definitely  good for the patients and they are able to cover all their bases; it  gives them peace of mind that they are doing  their best.

I also feel that it’s important for  doctors  to be me more open minded when it comes to accepting these deep-seated personal beliefs that patients have, regardless of whether  they themselves believe in them or not. Doctors don’t need to become irrational or can their skepticism, they just need to be more accepting of their patient’s beliefs and desires

And then there is the element of chance- this is one more factor that plays a very important role in everyone’s lives and it’s no different in the case of IVF clinics either. We sometimes go through good phases, where it seems like all our patients are getting pregnant and then there will be times when there is an inexplicable drop in pregnancy rates. The simple fact is that IVF is very complex process and there are a number of variables in play. It’s just not possible to isolate all of these, regardless of the high standards of quality control measures we follow.

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So, if IVF is nothing but a matter of chance, does it mean we should just sit back and leave everything to God? Obviously not! The one very important factor in IVF is choice. It’s important that IVF patients make well-informed and prudent choices and this has a major impact on the final outcome. The choices they have to make are:

  • Whether they want to do IVF
  • When they want to start it
  • The clinic they should go to – this can make a major difference in the outcome
  • How much to participate and read up on the topic- this makes a big difference.

When you actively participate in your IVF treatment, it helps your doctor create a plan that will be tailored to match your specific requirements. This helps prevent slip-ups and errors. It’s also very important that patients speak up and they would be able to do this only if they have done their homework well.

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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