Most women are very sensitive when the topic about their age is brought up. This is the case, regardless of what her age is. In case the woman is infertile, she will be touchier about this. She knows that her biological clock is ticking away and that she cant rewind it. With every passing year, she knows that she doesn’t really have the time to wait to have a baby.

Today, reproductive choices have become very complex. In the past, once women got married, they just got pregnant and had one baby after another. Biology was considered to be destiny; however when birth control was introduced, all of this changed. Today, women can decide whether they want to space their family and many do take that option.

Unfortunately, while they focus on their career or if they have other priorities, they put childbearing on the back burner. By the time they actually have the time and the inclination to consider having a baby, their time has passed. Their ovarian reserve will have depleted and the quality of the eggs is poor as well.  This is when they turn towards reproductive technology and they start believing that IVF is the one option that can give them the best of both worlds.

Little do they realize that IVF isn’t a sure-shot treatment to get pregnant as the success rates are very low in older women? As their eggs are of a poor quality, their embryo quality is low as well as the implantation rates are very low. So if you are 35 years of age, what is the best option for you? Should you choose egg freezing or should you now put your career on the back burner for a bit? Or should you just opt for IVF right away? There really are a number of options and this adds to the confusion.

I’d like to move to another thought and say that not every above-35 woman needs IVF to have a baby. Many will be able to conceive in their bedroom. What is ironic is that if a doctor does IVF for a 35 year old patient (regardless of whether she needs it or not), she will propagate this treatment to all her friends. When women are faced with this situation about whether they should do IVF or not, it’s important to keep 2 things in view.

It’s crucial that you do your homework and figure out which information is genuine and which isn’t. Apart from this, listen to what your heart is saying. This will help you make the right decision and will also help you make the best use of your own biological potential to have a baby.

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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