(Wednesday, July 04, 2014)

IVF Treatment in India

I recently received an e-mail from patient. He had obstructive azoospermia, and said - I desperately want to avoid doing IVF. Can you please offer me any medical solution for this problem? He had already spent many years and lots of money on a wide range of doctors and alternative medicine options, all of whom had promised him success. Many had claimed that their medicines would cause the block to "melt away".

I receive many similar emails from infertile patients, who seem to have very unrealistic expectations about their treatment options. The truth is that it’s just not possible for medical therapy to overcome blocks. These are actual physical blocks, and no drug or medicine or massage is going to open them.

The major issue is – Why are so many couples so desperate to avoid doing IVF?

IVF is a safe and effective treatment, which has a high success rate. Sadly, so many patients have heard so much rubbish about the side effects of IVF that they are not willing to explore this option at all. They waste so much time, money and energy are not doing IVF, that if they had spent the same in doing IVF, they would have completed their family by now!

While it’s true that IVF is expensive, the cost of a lot of the alternative treatment options can add up a quite a bit! The only difference is that they nibbled away at the patient’s wallet a little at the time, so that this saves patients the pain of having to pay a large amount up front (as they need to do for IVF).

However, a lot of patients who can afford to do IVF are scared to do it because they are worried that it causes abnormal babies; or that the hormonal injections used for IVF increase the risk of cancer. The best solution for these patients is Information Therapy. They need to educate themselves, so they can rid themselves of the myths and misconceptions which still cloud IVF.

IVF is often the most cost effective treatment option for infertile couples. It’s the fastest way by which they can have a baby. However, it does take time to explain to them exactly what is involved in the IVF process, so they can discard the emotional baggage and preconceived notions they carry.

It’s only when they are willing to do their homework, do they realize that IVF treatment is remarkably safe and simple. All we are doing in IVF is mimicking what would happen in the bedroom for normal fertile couples. Once they have a baby, these are the very same patients who become ardent advocates for IVF! They often kick themselves for not doing it much earlier!

Thanks to the media, there is much more awareness about IVF. However, there are still too many who don't understand exactly what's involved in the process, and therefore shy away from it for all the wrong reasons. Ignorance can be expensive!

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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