It’s common for infertile women to have pelvic pain. Many women in the reproductive age group complain of pain in the pelvis area. In some cases, this pain is just very generic and is called dysmenorrheal. However, in some cases, this pain is caused by endometriosis. Not only does this result in pain, but it causes infertility to. In some cases, it could be pelvic congestion syndrome. Very simply put, we don’t really have a very good explanation as to why women have pelvic pain.

Which treatment comes first?

The problem arises when infertile patients have pain; the doctors aren’t too sure about which condition should be addressed and treated first. If any of my patients come in with both these complaints, I tell them that it’s important to focus on one thing at a time. If the pain is severe and recurs frequently, then treating that becomes priority and the approach will be very different from the approach we take in case we are treating the infertility issue first.

The right focus

As an infertility specialist, my usual suggestion is that we should first focus on getting pregnant. I recommend this plan of action, because in most instances, when the woman gets pregnant, it also takes care of the pain. When I tell them that we will look at the pain issue later, some of them feel that I’m being unsympathetic; however, that isn’t the case and it isn’t that I don’t care about the pain. It’s just that if I focus on addressing both the things simultaneously, I will end up doing both very badly and the results for both won’t be good either.

What is equally important is that when we try to treat the pain first with medical therapy, the patient ends up wasting time. When we do surgery for endometriosis just so the patient can be free of the pain, it ends up a reducing the ovarian reserves and reduces fertility.

Get your priorities right

This is exactly why it’s important that you set your ‘priorities right. Think about what is more important to you, and focus only on that issue, instead of giving the doctor a long list of complaints.

You need to decide whether getting pregnant is more important or whether getting rid of the pain holds precedence. If you bombard the doctor with just too many complaints all at once, he just wouldn’t know which one to treat first, unless you tell him what your priorities are. 

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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