When it comes to treating infertility, IVF is the most effective treatment and has proved to be no less than a boon for many couples. This treatment has very high success rates if you do it at a reputed and credible clinic. Despite this, a number of infertile couples just don’t consider this as a treatment option at all.  So, why is this case?

If you ask these couples why they don’t want to opt for IVF treatment, they will give you a whole bunch of reasons for their decision. Take a look at what these are:

  • Interestingly, in most instances, it’s their perception that’s responsible for their decision
  • There are times when their own family doctors, relatives or even other IVF patients can make them averse to opting for this treatment
  • It’s also an expensive treatment and not all couples are able to afford and financial pressure becomes one of the valid reasons for them giving IVF a miss
  • The procedure isn’t covered by most insurance companies and this adds fuel to the fire
  • Many men are very reluctant to do IVF; they feel that if they give it enough time, they will be able to conceive in their own bedroom. They look upon IVF as an insult to their manhood 
  • There are a number of misconceptions and myths about IVF, floating around on the Internet and some IVF patients have horror stories  to tell about the treatment
  • Many couples feel that it’s an artificial procedure and that any baby conceived via IVF will be weak
  • Others feel  that IVF babies can be born with birth defects as eggs, sperm & embryos are manipulated in the lab
  • Some feel that there are a number of side-effects to the hormonal injections given during the treatment

When Medical Advice can Harm

Just as ignorance about IVF has a significant role to play in a couple’s decision not to do IVF, some doctors end up depriving patients of this treatment. The first thing that couples do when they are unsuccessful in having a baby, is go to a gynecologist. Some gynecologists will advise them against IVF; they don’t want to lose their patients to IVF specialists.

Typically, the doctors who do this, don’t really have too much clarity or knowledge about what IVF is and they have a very myopic view. There are a number of incompetent IVF specialists with very low success rates, who make this situation worse, and this mars the reputation of all IVF specialists. Eventually, many patients start losing their trust in IVF doctors.

The best way for a patient to overcome these hurdles is to empower themselves with knowledge about the treatment. This will help them make the smart choice about whether they would like to do IVF or not.

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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