The Malpani Self Insemination Baby Kit is extremely valuable in helping couples with unexplained infertility and childlessness because of sexual dysfunction to have a baby in the privacy of their bedroom , without having to spend money going to a doctor . Medical care is expensive , stressful and consumes a lot of time .

However, when patients ask their doctor about whether the self insemination kit is helpful or not, they often lie and say that using the self insemination kit is dangerous . They claim that there is a risk of infection , and using the kit can damage the sperm and result in babies with birth defects because it is an artificial procedure, and is being done without medical supervision.

It breaks my heart when doctors lie like this to their patients . Self insemination has been proven to be safe and effective , and thousands of babies have been born worldwide with this technique. The kit consists of medical grade equipment, which is sterile and disposable - it's exactly what we use in the IVF lab.

So why do doctor mislead their patients ?

I think this is because their income is threatened . If patients start using the Self Insemination Kit, they will lose the money they would otherwise have been able to change them for doing an artificial insemination , which is often the bread and butter for many gynecologists, and they dont want this taken away from them.

Doctors need to learn to tell the truth to their patients . Lying is unprofessional and unethical , and while you can fool some of the patients some of the time , you cant keep on fooling them all the time . I wish they would explain that while self insemination is safe and effective , going to a doctor has the advantage that a lot of the care is provided by the doctor , so that patients dont have to make decisions for themselves . Some patients want the insemination to be done under medical supervision, and this is a perfectly legitimate reason to go to a doctor, but that doesnt change the fact .

Source : https://blog.drmalpani.com/2020/12/why-dont-all-doctors-advice-their.html
Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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