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Infertility is no laughing matter and only those who deal with it know what they have to go through. Not only so they have to deal with their own emotions , they also have to cope with the barrage of questions from friends and the high expectations from their parents for a grand-child.

Many run from pillar to post- consulting different doctors, getting a battery of tests done and undergoing different types of treatments too. Not all patients immediately consult an IVF specialist, and most will first go to their gynecologist when they face difficulties with having a baby.

The case 

We have a number of patients who are seeing the inside of  an IVF clinic for the first time and this is the case of one such patient Anahita (name changed on request) 30 years of age, who came to consult me about her possible infertility. She and her husband had made numerous unsuccessful attempts to conceive and they were at their wit’s end. They had consulted numerous doctors including a couple of gynecologists.

They were frustrated and dejected and they had come to us as a last resort.  Frustrated because after all their efforts, they didn’t have a clue about what the reason for their infertility was; and dejected because they were desperate to have a baby. Anahita was 30 years (which wasn’t too old fortunately from a reproductive point of view).

The big problem was that no one had bothered to sit down with them and formulate a plan of action. Gynecologists are usually very busy delivering babies, and many don’t have the energy and inclination to devote the extra time which infertile couples need.  Infertility is just one of the many diseases they treat, and they are often not very tuned into the special needs of the infertile couple. In fact, many infertile couples don’t like going to gynecologists, because their waiting rooms are full of happily pregnant women, waiting to welcome their babies, and this just makes their heartache even worse.

Why Go to an IVF Clinic?

The advantage of going to an IVF specialist is that we have a laser focus on treating infertility. This is all we do , and because  we do this all the time, and don’t do anything else, we are very good at doing this. Not only do we have much more time to devote to each patient, we also understand their emotional distress and can help them cope with this. Infertile couples find it much easier to bond with the other infertile couples they meet in an IVF clinic, and this helps them to find the strength to go on.

The Right Treatment 

One of the reasons that many infertile couples are very worried about going to an IVF specialist is that they feel that the only treatment an IVF specialist offers will be IVF , and they are not ready for this. This is a common misconception. As an IVF specialist, I often refer infertile couples to a gynecologist when I think that all they need is a simple treatment option such as IUI ! Just because I am an IVF specialist doesn’t mean that all patients who come to me need IVF – sometimes just counseling is enough to help them to have a baby !

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Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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