Do’s and don'ts after the embryo transfer.

Lots of patients are very worried that they will do something stupid after the transfer, which will reduce the chances of their embryo implanting, and cause their IVF cycle to fail. These anxieties usually falls into the category of foods which they eat; (h...

What should a patient do when IVF doctors disagree ?

Infertile couples are often very confused when they go to IVF doctors , because they get widely varying different opinions , and they're not sure whom they can trust. There are many reasons why IVF doctors dont agree with each other. For one thin...

Please don't abandon your embryos !

As IVF technology gets progressively better, we're able to grow more eggs and create more top quality embryos. Now we can't transfer all the embryos at a time, because of the risk of a multiple pregnancy, which means patients are left with supernumerary (sp...

Why testing for failed embryo implantation in IVF patients is useless

One of the big problems with IVF is the uncertainty which surrounds it no one knows which cycle will work, or why perfect cycles fail. What makes a bad problem even worse is that patients have unrealistic expectations of the technology. Sadly, doctors compo...

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