Is IVF painful?

Not if you do it in a good clinic ! Yes, IVF can be extremely painful in some clinics - especially the ones who use intramuscular progesterone injections to provide luteal phase support after the transfer. These are oily injections, which need to be gi...

Why do IVF clinics refuse to share medical records with their patients ?

Why are IVF doctors so secretive about the medical details of the IVF treatment they provide to their patients? I often see patients who have failed IVF cycles, and we're quite happy to provide them with a second opinion. However , it's very frustrating w...

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How do you calculate how many weeks pregnant you are after IVF ?

Lots of IVF patients who get pregnant are confused when they calculate their due date after an IVF treatment. And it's not just confusing for patients - it's confusing for family physicians , as well as some gynecologists. The reason for the confusion is...

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Why doesn't every perfect IVF cycle end up in a pregnancy?

Often patients have a medically perfect embryo transfer when they do an IVF cycle. The embryo is a top quality blastocyst, the endometrium is 8 mm and trilaminar and the embryo transfer was technically smooth. When patients hear that everything went perfect...

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