Good news for IVF patients !

The lockdown was hard for all of us - specially for IVF patients ! In some clinics, many patients were forced to abandon their expensive treatment cycles half-way , while many others who were planning to start their treatment cycles in April and May found they we...

Why immune testing for patients with repeated IVF failures and repeated miscarriages is a waste of time and money

Patients who have failed repeated IVF cycles even though apparently perfect embryos were transferred, are understandably upset, frustrated and distressed. They are looking for answers as to why they are not getting pregnant, and a plausible reason is that thei...

The two major problems with TESA - testicular sperm aspiration

TESA is a simple technique by which doctors can extract sperm from the testes. Its partly because it's so simple, that it's often been abused, misused and overused. Thus, many doctors will do TESA unnecessarily , and extract sperm directly from the testes, even in...

Why cheap IVF clinics are more likely to cheat you !

There seems to be a spurt of IVF clinics all over the country, and, you will often find one at every corner. Many doctors believe that IVF is a very profitable line of business and they want to join the bandwagon to make money. Unfortunately, patients arent able to...

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