How do I boost up my low sperm count ?

How do I boost up my low sperm count ? This is one of the commonest questions I am asked. I first have to request the patient to send me their semen analysis report. Lots of labs do a very poor job of reporting a semen analysis - and many doctors still don't know that...

How doctors add stress to the poor IVF patient's life

IVF treatment is stressful as it is , and many doctors make it even more stressful. Being infertile is bad enough, and an IVF cycle is stressful because you are never sure whether it's going to work or not. Not only is the uncertainty difficult to handle, the fact that...

In Conversation with Dr. Aniruddha Malpani - Overcoming the social stigma of infertility

How do you differentiate between a good and bad IVF clinic ?

Why do IVF doctors lie to patients?

We often see IVF patients who are quite unhappy with the quality of information they've received from their doctors. The one thing which bothers them a lot is that doctors change what they tell them, and this is why they don't trust them anymore . A common example is...

Bursting Myths about IVF

Do you really need IVF ?

Why is IVF so Expensive ?

Free iOS app so you can add voice to your photos !

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Are you fed up of going to disorganised IVF clinics ?

Because you are so desperate to have a baby, you will move heaven and earth to achieve your goal. You know that IVF is your best option, but you are completely confused as to which IVF clinic to select, because they all seem to be the same when you read their ads or vis...