How IVF patients add to their stress levels

IVF patients are stressed out because they're not sure whether their IVF cycle is going to work or not. And since everyone knows that stress is not good for patients, they try to reduce their stress levels by providing them with a protective environment. M...

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IVF process and IVF outcome

Part of the problem with IVF treatment is that no matter how well we follow the process, we can never be sure about the outcome. This is because even if we produce top quality embryos , and put them back in a perfectly receptive endometrium, pregnancy rates...

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Why did my IVF cycle fail ?

Whenever an IVF cycle fails, patients ask two questions. Did we overlook something ? Can we do anything different the next time? And the unasked question is - Did the doctor mess up? When an IVF cycle fails, doctors are heartbroken too , ju...