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Why I froze my eggs

This is a guest post from one of our patients. She is 32 and recently froze her eggs at Malpani Infertility Clinic Our 20s and early 30's may be the easiest time to have a baby but it's not always the best time - for a lot of good reasons. We are at the t...

Making sense of your HCG levels

When IVF patients get pregnant, they know how important measuring their blood HCG level is, to monitor the health of their pregnancy. However , they aren't sure how to interpret these levels. The reason it can be hard to make sense of them is because the normal...

Cancelling the IVF cycle because of a poor ovarian response

IVF patients who have a poor ovarian response are often not sure what to do. When they grow very few follicles inspite of taking lots of injections, they are understandably depressed and upset. Few follicles = few eggs = few embryos, which means their chances...

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