Why do IVF clinics refuse to share medical records with their patients ?

Why are IVF doctors so secretive about the medical details of the IVF treatment they provide to their patients? I often see patients who have failed IVF cycles, and we're quite happy to provide them with a second opinion. However , it's very frustrating w...

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How do you calculate how many weeks pregnant you are after IVF ?

Lots of IVF patients who get pregnant are confused when they calculate their due date after an IVF treatment. And it's not just confusing for patients - it's confusing for family physicians , as well as some gynecologists. The reason for the confusion is...

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Why doesn't every perfect IVF cycle end up in a pregnancy?

Often patients have a medically perfect embryo transfer when they do an IVF cycle. The embryo is a top quality blastocyst, the endometrium is 8 mm and trilaminar and the embryo transfer was technically smooth. When patients hear that everything went perfect...

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When does the embryo implant after the embryo transfer ?

There's still a lot of mystery around the IVF process, partly because most people weren't paying too much attention in the human reproductive biology class in the 10th grade ! A common question I'm asked is - how long after embryo transfer does implantation...