How IVF clinics cheat about the cost of IVF- and what patients need to do to protect themselves !

How much does an IVF cycle cost ? What IVF patients need to know !

How to calculate the true cost of an IVF cycle. Don't be penny wise and pound foolish

The cost of an IVF cycle

Not all IVF clinics are the same

Many IVF patients are quite naive and they believe that all IVF doctors are equally good . This is why they will often select an IVF clinic based on its advertising or its branding, or because their doctor has referred them to that clinic. But this is very n...

The IVF expert patient

Many IVF patients are quite clueless about the medical details of their IVF treatment, and this is because of two reasons. Firstly, many believe that they should let the IVF doctor do what he thinks is right. Why challenge his authority by asking him quest...

Why did your IVF cycle fail?

One of the problems with IVF is that most cycles will fail . When a cycle fails, the patient is never sure whether the failure was because of a basic biological problem which they have, or whether it was because the doctor was incompetent . They aren't sure...

Is your doctor a good IVF doctor?

The problem is that it's very hard for patients to answer this question because all doctors look pretty much the same. They all seem to have the same fancy degrees; posh clinics; and lots of patients. And because they advertise so heavily, it's very hard...

आपका आईवीएफ कमीशन रेट क्या है? IVF videos in Hindi

जब एम्ब्रियो को फ्रीज़ करना एक बुरा आइडिया हो. Hindi IVF video