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An IVF success story at Malpani Infertility Clinic

  Our story.... to begin with....is no different from many infertile couples. A perfect love marriage in 2005 with everyone's blessing after 5 years of courtship! As we began this exciting journey of togetherness, at age of 23, conscious decision was madenotto st...

Infertile couples need to learn how to use the internet intelligently !

  I'm a big believer in Information Therapy, and I think the internet is a great tool to allow infertile patients to learn a lot.   I encourage patients to go online to educate themselves, but they're not very good at assessing the information they find. They...

Flibanserin ( Addyi) for treating infertile couples to improve sexual desire

One of the common problems which afflicts infertile couples is that of inadequate sexual frequency.   Infertility does affect sexuality, and dampens sexual ardour. Many infertile couples feel - What's the point of having sex if we can't have baby? Having ti...

My IVF Success Story at Malpani Infertility Clinic

  Finally our journey towards becoming parents has begun. We are very very thankful from bottom of our heart to Dr. Malpani and a very close friend who suggested his name. He helped us all through our painful days and shares a major part in making our dream come...

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