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Implantation dysfunction

When patients fail repeated IVF cycles, the "diagnosis" their doctor offers them is - Implantation Dysfunction . However, this is really just a waste paper basket diagnosis - it does not provide any useful actionable information . It's a mouthful, but it's just a descr...

Laparoscopy and IVF - before, after or never ?

  Before referring a patient for IVF to an IVF clinic, many gynecologists will insist on doing a laparoscopy . They justify this using all kinds of pretexts. saying" We will get a chance to check your pelvis, so we can clip your tubes, if needed, or burn any endometrio...

The 7 steps of IVF

IVF seems to be an extremely complicated procedure, and sometimes IVF doctors take perverse pleasure in mystifying it, because they like showing off their expertise. This is why IVF  patients are often completely confused about what to expect. Actually , it's very st...