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Failed IVF

This is one of the commonest questions patients who have failed an IVF cycle ask when they come to me for a second opinion. Is it worth doing anotherIVF cycle?What should I change ? Do I need to do anymore tests ? Should I expect to do three ? or four? How much stamina..
When an IVF cycle fails , patients want to know what they need to do differently next time. Was there a problem with the eggs ? or with the sperm ? or with the uterus ? While it can be very hard to pinpoint the problem precisely , it's important to think through ..
When your IVF cycle fails, it's often hard to bounce back. Even though your head understands that IVF doesn't have a 100% success rate, it's hard to deal with the failure. In their heart of hearts, every patient who starts an IVF cycle bel..
One of the hardest things for an infertile couple to deal with is the failure of an IVF cycle. In fact, it's the fear of failure which often puts off a lot of infertile couples from even attempting an IVF cycle. They are petrified that if they try and fail, they will ha..
If your path to the discovery of the fact that you are infertile has been anything like mine, then you would have gone through a roller coaster of emotions.... namely shock, anger, acceptance and finally you would have made a decision to act. Well at least in today&#..