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How to Make the Most of your Doctor

Patients often criticize doctors for being unemotional and distant . Because we are taught to maintain a professional barrier , we may seem to be cold and uncaring, but the reality is that doctors have a heart too - we're human after all !Ironically, sometimes it's this..
Once you have selected a doctor for infertility treatment, it's best to form a partnership with your doctor, so that you can make the most of his skills and abilities. To make the best use of your doctor's time, prepare for your visit like you prepare for an examination..
Is it time to change your infertility doctor? Changing your infertility doctor is sometimes the best choice if you feel unsatisfied with the treatment. Find out how to get a second opinion and shift to a more efficient solution. I often have to provide a should..
IVF can be an emotionally taxing treatment. Not only is it very expensive, there is a lot riding on the outcome. Patients know that the success rate depends on how good the doctor is, which is why they have very high expectations from their doctor. They will spend a ..
As a patient seeking Infertility treatment, it is important to know that some medical procedures can actually end up reducing your fertility. Here's a list of the top ten procedures which can actually harm you, rather than help you. If your doctor advises any of ..