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Patients know that the success rate in a single IVF cycle is not 100% and they may require 3 - 4 cycles to get pregnant. However, lots of them drop out after one cycle , and are very reluctant to do a second . I sometimes wonder why this happens !After all, an IVF cycle..
We all know that IVF does not have a 100% success rate, but when an IVF cycle fails, you are never sure what the reason for the failure was. Was it because of plain bad luck ? After all, why good looking embryos do not implant is still one of those things we do not und..
There are many IVF clinics in India now, but very few have a full time embryologist. This is because it takes years of experience to become an expert embryologist - and there just aren't many qualified embryologists around. This article by Dr Saiprasad Gundeti ex..
Today, our standard practice is to freeze all your embryos at a blastocyst ( Day 5) stage, and then transfer them after thawing them in the next cycle, one at a time. Here's why we think this is the best method for optimizing your chances of having a healthy baby. Let'..
Many patients get completely confused by the large variety of medications which are used during an IVF cycle. This plan will help you make sense of what you are taking - and why you need it ! Actually, IVF treatment is basically quite simple. All we are trying to do is..