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  • Do you have unexplained infertility ?
  • Are you too stressed to have sex at the right time ?
  • Is a sexual problem causing your infertility ?
  • Are you fed up of going to the doctor for treatment ?
  • Would you like to explore the option of being able to treat yourself ?
  • We are pleased to be able to provide all the items you need to be able to treat yourself at home ! This a lot less expensive than going to the doctor and is a useful option for many couples ( for example, those with sexual dysfunction, vaginismus or erectile dysfunction).
  • You can buy a Comprehensive DIY Fertility Treatment Kit from us . This would cost a lot less than buying each individual component. If you bought each item individially, this would cost Rs 6000. This kit costs only Rs 5000 ( a saving of Rs 1000 !) and includes the following:
    1. An Ovulation Prediction Test Kit, to help you determine your "fertile time"
    2. Self-Insemination Kit, to help you insert the sperm in the vagina
    3. A Penile Vibratory Stimulator, to help you ejaculate
    4. Non-Toxic Condoms, to collect the semen

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