The one stop shop for infertile couples in India ! Buy self insemination kits , and sterile non-toxic condoms for semen collection from the online fertility store of Malpani Infertility Clinic

Often it's not easy for infertile couples to find products they can use to enhance their own fertility and to help themselves. We are pleased to launch our Infertility Store, to help you help yourself.

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We plan to offer many products here - and would welcome suggestions.


1. Self-Insemination Kit.

This is a new product, and can be used in conjunction with the ovulation prediction kit. It is very useful for couples with sexual dysfunction, where the man has difficulty in ejaculating in the vagina, either because of vaginismus, or because of erectile dysfunction. This kit will help you solve your problem in the privacy of your own bedroom, and comes with complete instructions.

The cost is Rs 1450 only, and we will courier a pack to you within 3 working days.

This kit contains:

  • A sterile semen container
  • Non toxic lubricant ( liquid paraffin) to help your husband, if needed
  • Disposable plastic sterile pasteur pipettes for doing the insemination
  • Disposable sterile paper gloves
  • Plastic speculum

2. Vibrator for helping with semen collection.

Many men have difficulty producing a semen sample on demand. The vibrator works by providing a high intensity stimulus to the penis. This is what a vibrator looks like.

The procedure should be carried out in a room with complete privacy. It is very important to remember that ejaculation will occur automatically as a result of the vibratory stimulation - so be relaxed; do not try and force ejaculation. Pass urine, take off your clothes and sit on a bed with your legs apart. The vibrator is placed beneath the penis. The penis is placed upon the vibrating head such that the undersurface of the penis (glans and distal shaft) is stimulated. Once you are comfortable with the vibratory sensation, press the tip of the penis (glans) upon the vibrator such that you feel the maximum amount of stimulation. Keeping the vibrator in place, close your eyes and fantasize sexually. Stimulation is continued till ejaculation occurs. This usually occurs in 10 to 30 minutes but some men with anorgasmic anejaculation, who have never experienced orgasm, may take up to 2 hours of stimulation before they reach orgasm the first time! This period shortens during subsequent sessions. Some men require a second or third session before they succeed.

The cost is Rs 1450 only, and we will courier a pack to you within 3 working days.

3. Sterile non-toxic condoms for semen collection

Many men have difficulty producing a semen sample on demand. This is especially true when the laboratory provides you with a small dirty bathroom and a tiny glass container in which to collect the semen sample. Such suboptimal conditions can cause you to produce a sperm sample which is suboptimal, adding to your stress levels. It can also result in giving your doctor inaccurate and unreliable information. This special non-toxic condom manufactured in USA is now available from us. It is made of silicone, so that it can be used for collection of semen during intercourse. This can be very useful , both for semen analysis for diagnosis, as well as during treatment, as you can produce a sample during intercourse. You can collect the sample in your own bedroom, and carry it to the laboratory ( within about 60 minutes, at room temperature).

The cost is Rs 1450 only, and we will courier a pack to you within 3 working days..

4. Comprehensive Fertility Kit

We are pleased to be able to provide all the items you need to be able to treat yourself at home! This a lot less expensive than going to the doctor and is a useful option for many couples (for example, those with sexual dysfunction, vaginismus or erectile dysfunction).

You can buy the Comprehensive DIY Fertility Treatment Kit from us . This would cost a lot less than buying each individual component. If you bought each item individually, this would cost Rs 6000. This kit costs only Rs 5000 ( a saving of Rs 1000 !) and includes the following:

  1. An Ovulation Prediction Test Kit, to help you determine your "fertile time"
  2. Self-Insemination Kit, to help you insert the sperm in the vagina
  3. A Penile Vibratory Stimulator, to help you ejaculate
  4. Non-Toxic Condoms, to collect the semen

The cost is Rs 5000 only, and we will courier a pack to you within 3 working days..

Authored by : Dr Aniruddha Malpani, MD and reviewed by Dr Anjali Malpani.

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