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We have many fertile healthy egg donors in our egg donor program. Since it is still not possible to reliably freeze eggs, for donor egg treatment, we need fresh eggs.

We have many fertile healthy egg donors in our egg donor program. Since it is still not possible to reliably freeze eggs, for donor egg treatment, we need fresh eggs. If you cannot organise your own egg donor, we will be happy to do so for you.

We will be happy to help you find an egg donor . We have many healthy young fertile Indian women ( all of whom are less than 30 years of age , have been medically tested for their fertility ; and screened for infectious diseases) on our egg donor panel, who have been fully evaluated . Dr Aniruddha Malpani selects all our egg donors and screens them personally. The egg donor is superovulated exclusively for you, ensuring a high success rate. Egg donation in our clinic is anonymous and confidential - we do not do any egg sharing.

We need to protect the identity of our egg donors and do not show photos. However, I will select a donor who matches your physical traits.

We can provide the following non-identifying details of our egg donors.

  • Physical characteristics
    • Age
    • Height
    • Weight
    • Complexion

  • Personal health history
    • Medical problems
    • Blood transfusions
    • Surgeries
    • Allergies
    • Medications

  • Family history(any diseases in the family eg diabetes, etc.).
    • Parents
    • Siblings

  • Fertility history
    • Number of children
    • Past pregnancies
    • Abortions
    • Miscarriages

Egg donation in Malpani Fertility clinic is anonymous and confidential, and we protect your identity as well as that of the egg donor.

If you have any special requirements ( for example, you want only a medical student/doctor; or someone more than 5'6") we will need to advertise on your behalf to find someone who meets your wishlist. We'll be happy to do so, but this will involve an additional cost. It will also take us longer to find a suitable donor for you.

Some of our egg donors

  • Mrs. P.J.
    Age: 27
    Qualification : B. Com
    Description : 5' 2" Black Eyes, black Hair
    No. illness. Regular 30 days cycle
    Blood Group : B +ive
    Hobbies : Studying, reading
    Husband : Bank Manager
  • Mrs. S. P
    Age: 28
    Qualification : B. Com
    Description : 2 children (1 boy 21/2 year & 1 boy 1 year)
    No illness. Regular 28 days cycle
    Blood Group : A +ive
    Hobbies : Badminton, reading
  • Mrs. M. S
    Age: 32
    Qualification : B.A. (English Literature)
    Network Marketing
    Description : 2 daughters (1 daughter 10 years & 1 daughter 7 years)
    Blood Group : O + ve
    Hobbies : painting, dancing
  • Mrs. S. C
    Age : 26 years
    Qualification : B. Sc
    Description : 5' 1" . Black eyes, black hair
    No illness. 30 - 35 days
    Blood Group : AB +ve
    Hobbies : reading, writing, traveling, karate ,public speaking
  • Mrs. R.R
    Age : 27 years
    Qualification : B. Com , MBA, Sales Manager
    Description : 5' 3" Fair black eyes, black hair, 6 year daughter
    No Medical problems
    Blood Group : B +ive
    Hobbies : plays chess, Athletics (state 200m running champ-1992)
  • Mrs. K. I
    Age : 26
    Qualification : BA teacher for disable Children
    Description : 5'5" fair, black eyes, black hair
    regular 30 days cycle
    Blood Group : AB +ive
    Hobbies :Basketball State Champion
  • Mrs. U. N
    Age : 31
    Qualification : Dip. Babery Management (2 year), Dip. Export Management (2 year) Receptionist
    Description : 5' 2" black eyes, black hair, fair
    3 year old daughter
    Blood Group : A +ive
    Hobbies : National Sports player (Swimming Maharashtra State)
  • Mrs. T. S
    Age : 25 years
    Qualification : Doctor, (BHMS)
    Description : 5' 3" brown eyes, black hair
    1 son 14 months (Aug 5, 2000)
    Blood Group : O +ive

In order to synchronise cycles, we may need to cycle both the donor and you with birth control pills for 1 cycle; and then perform the egg collection in the next cycle.

A typical treatment plan for an egg donor cycle would look like this.Treatment starts from Day 1 ( the day the bleeding starts) of your ( the recipient) cycle. At this time, we downregulate you by starting you on Inj Buserelin ( Suprefact, GnRH analog mfr by Hoechst), 0.5 ml sc daily . On Day 3, we do an ultrasound scan to confirm there is no ovarian cyst, after which we prepare your uterus lining by treating you with Tab Progynova ( 2 mg) , 4 tab daily. We start superovulation for the egg donor at the same time by giving her HMG injections . We do the next scan on Day 10, after which you would have to be in Bombay for about 10 days. Your husband is needed on Day 14-Day 16 ( the day of the egg pickup).

This is what the daily schedule would look like.

Day 1. Inj Buserelin, 0.5 ml sc. ( Downregulation starts)
Day 2. Inj Buserelin, 0.5 ml sc.
Day 3. Inj Buserelin, 0.5 ml sc. Vaginal ultrasound scan to confirm there is no ovarian cyst. If there is no cyst, we can commence superovulation.
Day 4. Inj Buserelin, 0.5 ml sc. Tab Progynova ( 2 mg), 4 tab daily
Day 5. Inj Buserelin, 0.5 ml sc. Tab Progynova ( 2 mg), 4 tab daily
Day 6. Inj Buserelin, 0.5 ml sc. Tab Progynova ( 2 mg), 4 tab daily
Day 7. Inj Buserelin, 0.5 ml sc. Tab Progynova ( 2 mg), 4 tab daily
Day 8. Inj Buserelin, 0.5 ml sc. Tab Progynova ( 2 mg), 4 tab daily
Day 9. Inj Buserelin, 0.5 ml sc. Tab Progynova ( 2 mg), 4 tab daily
Day 10. Inj Buserelin, 0.5 ml sc. Tab Progynova ( 2 mg), 4 tab daily Vaginal ultrasound scan to monitor endometrial thickness and texture. The Buserelin and Progynova will continue on a daily basis; and scans will be performed every alternate day, until the donor's follicles are mature. This is usually Day 14- Day 16 for most patients. Your husband will need to produce a sperm sample at this time. Embryo transfer is performed 2 days later; and supernumerary embryos cryopreserved. After the transfer, luteal phase support is provided with daily Progynova ( estradiol valerate2 mg, 3 tab daily; and Uterogestan ( 200 mg), 3 vaginal suppositories daily. You can travel back 3 days after the embryo transfer. 14 days after the transfer, you need to do a blood test for beta HCG to confirm a pregnancy.

If travelling is a problem, the easiest option is that we freeze your husband's sperm sample (or you hand carry it in a dry-shipper); we superovulate the egg donor and perform ICSI using your husband's frozen sperm; and we then transfer the frozen embryos into your uterus when it is convenient for you.

Our charges for a donor egg IVF cycle are US $ 5500. This includes all medical treatments and procedures. You need to pay the donor an advance of US $ 1500 separately. Medications would cost about US $ 1000 more. This means your all-inclusive cost is less than US $ 7500 - which make this very cost -effective !

If you need to make an advance payment of US $ 1500 to reserve your egg donor, you can do so online using your credit card . A new window will open up , allowing you to pay online using our secure payment gateway service provided by CCAvenue .

An alternative way to make a payment is to wire transfer to Citibank, NA Mumbai A/C 1099 0896 held at Citibank India Investments, International Personal Banking, 7th floor, 666 5th Avenue, New York , NY 101 03, USA for onward credit to Account 0451062115 (Malpani Infertility Clinic Pvt Ltd ) at Citibank 293, Dr D N Rd, Fort, Mumbai. Citibank India's - SWIFT code is CITIINBX. Please specify your name and address on this, so we can credit the payment to you correctly.

For embryo donation, we have frozen supernumerary embryos which patients who have already conceived have kindly agreed to donate to other infertile couples. Embryo adoption is a type of prenatal adoption !

If you are a young infertile woman, who wants go through IVF but cannot afford the treatment, you can consider donating your eggs and registering for free IVF treatment.

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